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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


801. Wakefield, W. The Happy Valley Sketches of Kashmir and Kashmiris HC.,300p, Map, 8 Plates (Reprint London 1879 edn.) 1995 ISBN 8120611004

802. Walleser, M. The Life of Nagarjuna From Tibetan and Chinese sources HC., 40p (Reprint edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120605896

803./NYP Walsh, E.N. Coinage of Nepal HC., 92p, 7 Plates (Reprint 1908 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120607457

804. WALTERS, ALAN Palms and Pearls or Scenes in Ceylon. HC., 317p (Reprint London 1892 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120612353

805./NYP Warren Henery, Clarke The Life of Buddha HC. 196p (Reprint edn.), ISBN 8120606175

806./top Watters, Thomas On Yuan Chwang's Travels in India (629-645 A.d.) -2 Vols. Edited by T.W.Rhys Davids & Bushell S.W. HC., Vol. 1/416p, Vol, 2/360p, Map (Reprint 1905 edn.) 1988, 2000 ISBN 812060296X (Set)

807. Weerasooriya, h.e. Historical Guide to Anuradhapura's Ruins HC., 102p,, 12 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint Colombo 1939 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120611381

808. Wessels, C. Early Jesuit Travellers in Central Asia (1603-1721) Bento De Goes* Antonio De Andrade* The Tsaparang Mission* S. Cacella* Cacella and Cabral* Grueber and D'orville* Desideri HC., 344p, 5 Maps, Illus (Reprint Hague 1924 edn.) 1992, 1997, ISBN 8120607414

809. West E, W. History of the Bombay, Karnataka; Musalman and Maratha: 1300-1818 HC., 48p (Reprint 1877 edn.)1989, ISBN 8120604689

810./NR Wheeler, J. Talboys India and the Frontier States of Afghanistan, Nepal and Burma 1500 B.C.-1879 A.D.-2 Vols. HC., 887p, 8 Plates 12 Maps (Reprint New York 1899 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120610563 (Set)

811. Wheeler, J. Talboys Early Records of British India A history of the English settlements in India. As told in the government records, the works of the old travellers, and other contemporary documents, from the earliest period down to the rise of British power in India. HC., 426p (Reprint London 1878 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120609476

812. Wheeler, J. Talboys Madras in the Olden Time. Being a history of the presidency from the first foundation of Fort St. George to the occupation of Madras by the French (1639- 1748) (Three volumes compiled in 1 Vol.) HC., 716p (Reprint Madras 1882 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120605535

813./NYP Wheeler, J. Talboys Tales from Indian History HC., 272p (Reprint 1881 edn.)

814. White, J. Claude Sikhim & Bhutan Twenty-one years on the North-East Frontier, from 1887 to 1908. HC., 354p, 41 plates, 1Map (Reprint London 1909 edn.) 1996, 2000, ISBN 8120611837

815./NYP White, G.F. View in India Chiefly among the Himalayan Mountains. 24 cm, 94p, 38 engravings (Reprint London 1838 edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX

816./NYP WHITEHEAD, GEORGE In the Nicobar Islands. The records of a lenghty sojourn in islands of sunshine & palms, amongst a people primitive in their habits and simple in their manner of living. With a description of their customs and religious ceremonies.An account of their superstitions and folklore. Preface by Sir Richard C. Temple. HC., 276p, 1 Map, 16Plates, 19 Append Index (Reprint London 1924 edn.) 2001

817. Whitehead, Henry The Village Gods of South India HC., 176p, 9 Plates (Reprint 1921 edn.) 1988, 1999, ISBN 8120601378

818. Whiteway, R.S. The Rise of Portuguese Power in India (1497-1550) HC., 376p, Map (Reprint London 1899 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120605004

819. Wickremasinghe, Don Martino De Zilva Epigraphia Zeylanica-4 Vols Being lithic and other inscriptions of Ceylon HC., - p, Pl. (Reprint Achaeological Survey of Ceylon 1900-1934) Vol. 1 : 332p, 30 Plates (Reprint London 1912 edn.) Vol. 2 : 348p, 39 Plates(Reprint London 1928 edn.) Vol. 3 : 380p, 38 Plates(Reprint London 1933 edn.) Vol.4 : 220p, 21 Plates(Reprint London 1934 edn.), ISBN 812060914X (Set)

820. Wijesinha, l.c. Mudaliar The Mahavansa - 2 Vols. Containing chapters 1-100. Translated from the original Pali into English for the Government of Ceylon Vol. 1: Containing chapters 1-38, Vol. 2: Containing chapters 39-100.Translated by George Turnour with notes and emendations. By L.C. Wijesinha HC., 630p (Reprint Colombo 1889 edn.) 1995, 2000, ISBN 8120611541 (Set)

821. Wilks, Mark History of Mysore - 2 Vols. Historical sketches of the South India in an attempt to trace the history of Mysore. HC., Vol. 1: 910p, 1 Map, Vol. 2: 842p (Reprint London 1817 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120604911

822. Wellby, M. S. Through Unknown Tibet, 1896 HC., 456p, with 76 illustrations (Reprint London 1898 edn.) 1996, ISBN 812061058X

823./OP Wilson, E. (World’s Greatest Literature Series) Hindu Literature The Book of Good Counsels; The Hitopadesa; Nala and Damayanti; selections from Ramayana; Sakuntla; poems by Toru Dutt HC., 476p (Reprint edn.), ISBN 8120602404

824. Wilson, E. (World’s Greatest Literature Series) Sacred Books of the East (One Vol.Edn.) Including selection from the Vedic Hymns, Zend-Avesta, Dhammapada, Upanishads, the Koran and the life of Buddha HC., 464p (Reprint 1900 edn.) 1978,1987, ISBN 8120602420

825. Wilson, H.H Ariana Antiqua A descriptive account of the antiquities and coins of Afghanistan with a memoir on the buildings called Topes, by C. Masson. HC., 452p, 9 Plates, Maps, Table of Arianian Characters, 22 Coins Plates (Reprint London 1841edn.) 1998

8120611896 826. Wilson, H.H. Essays Analytical Critical and Philological - 3 Vols On subjects connected with Sanskrit literature (Collected and edited by Renhold Rost) HC., Vol.1 : 408p, Vol. 2 : 406p, Vol. 3 : 392p, (Reprint 1865 edn.) 1984, ISBN 8120600770 (Set)

827. Wilson, H.H. Select Specimens of the Theatre of the Hindus - 2 Vols Translated from original Sanskrit Vol.1: Treatise on the dramatic system of the Hindus; The Mrichchhakati;, or the Toy Cart; Vikrama & Urvasi, or the Hero and the Nymph; Uttara-Ramacharitra, or continuation of the history of Rama. VOL.2: Malati and Madhava, or stolen marriage; Mudra Rakshasa, or the signet of the minister; Ratnavalli, or the Necklace. HC., Vol. 1: 456p :& Vol. 2: 422p (Reprint 1871 edn.) 1984, ISBN 8120600746 (Set)

828./ NYPWilson, H.H Two Lectures on the Religions, Practices and Opinions of Hindus HC., 72p (Reprint London 1840 edn.)

829. Winteritz A General Index to the Names and Subject Matter With a preface by Macdonnell (S.B.E Vol.50) HC., 700p (Reprint S.B.E.Vol.No.50)

830. Woodward, F.L. Pictures of Buddhist Ceylon and the Other Papers HC., 63p, 7 Plates (Reprint 1914 edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120613872

831./NYP WOOL, H.L. Three Tibetan Mysteries Tehri Mekundan, Nansal, Djroazlanmo as performed in the Tibetan monastaries, translated from the French version of Jacques Bacot (with an introduction, notes and index, illus, from native designes by V. Goldoubew) HC., 268p (Reprint London edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120612248

832.NYP Woolf, L. Sydeney Village in the Jungle The story of life in Eastern Ceylon HC., 301p (Reprint 1925 edn.)

833. Wright, Caleb India and its Inhabitants HC., 304p, 22 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint Cincinnati 1853 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611756

834. wright, arnold Twentieth Century Impressions of Ceylon Its history, people, commerce, industries and resources. HC., 868p, Numerou, Illus. (Reprint London 1907 edn.) 1999, ISBN 812061335X

835. Wright, Daniel History of Nepal With an introductory sketch of the country and people of Nepal (translated from Parbatiya by Munshi Shiv Shunker Singh and Pandit Shri Gunanand) HC., 324p ,16 Plates (Reprint Cambridge 1877 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120605527

836. Yazdani, G. The Antiquities of Bidar HC., 32p, 16 Plates (Reprint 1917 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120605012

837./NYP younghusband, g.j. /younghusband, f.e. The Relief of Chitral with Maps & Illustrations HC., 184p , 24 illus. (Reprint London 1895 edn.), ISBN 8120613368

838. YOUNGHUSBAND, F.E. Dawn in India British purpose and Indian aspiration HC., 331p (Reprint London 1930 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611136

839. Younghusband, F.E. India and Tibet A history of the relations which have subsisted between the two countries from the time of Warren Hastings to 1910; with a particular account of the mission to Lhasa in 1904. HC., 456p , 26 pl, 2 maps & Illus. (Reprint London 1910 edn.) 1993, 2001, ISBN 8120608461

840. Younghusband, F.E. The Heart of a Continent A narrative of travels in Manchuria, across the Gobi desert, through the Himalayas the Pamirs and Hunza (1884 -1894) HC., 332p, 9 illus., Map (Reprint London 1904 edn.) 1993, ISBN 812060850X

841. Younghusband f.e. /Molyneux e Kashmir Described by Younghusband; painted by Molyneux HS., 282p, 70 Colour Plates, Map (Reprint London 1909 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611446

842. Younghusband, F.E. Wonders of the Himalayas Travels in the Himalayas in the years 1884 and 1886 HC., 222p, 1 map (Reprint London 1924 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120608755

843. YOUNGHUSBAND, F.E. South Africa of Today HC., 178p, 12 illus. (Reprint London 1898 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120612612

844. Younghusband, G.J. Eighteen Hundred Miles on a Burmese Tat ( Through Burmah, Siam and the Eastern Shan states HC., 162p, Plates and Maps (Reprint London 1888 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610830

845. Yule Henry & Burnell, A.C. (Edited by Crooke william) Hobson-Jobson. A glossary of colloquial Anglo-Indian words and phrases, and of kindred terms, etymological , historical, geographical and discursive. HC., 1068p (Reprint London 1903 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120606525

846./NYP Yule, Henry Cathay and the Way Thither - 4 Vols Being the collection of medieval notices on China, translated and edited by Col. Henery Yule. With a preliminary essay on the intercourse between China and the western nations, previous to the discovery of the Cape route. HC., -p, Illus., Maps (Reprint London 1913-16 edn), ISBN 8120612108 (Set)


1. BARNES L.C Two Thousand years of Missions Before Carey Based upon and embodying many of the earliest extant Accounts with Map and IllustrationsPart-I Genesis Missions, Part-II Distributions of Missions: Asia, Africa,Europe, Arctic Regions, America. Part-III Continuity of Missions HC., 504p, 32 Plates152 illus.1 Map (Reprint Chicago 1900 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615395

2. Beg M.A.. Guide to Lucknow cotaining popular places and buildings worthy of a visit with historical notes on Mutiny of 1857 HC., 116p (Reprint Lucknow 1911 ) 2000, ISBN 8120615362

3. Burnaby A Ride to Khiva Travels and Adventures in Central Asia (with an appendix) HC., 429p, (Reprint London 1874 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615409

4. Clough, J.E. (Rev.) From Darkness to Light, A Story of Telugu Awakening) HC., 288p, (Reprint Philadelphia 1882 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615417

5. Gopalan Nair C. Wynad (Malabar Series) its peoples and traditions HC., 186p, 24 Photo (Reprint 1911 Madras) 2000, ISBN 8120615239

6. Greaves E. Kashi the city illustratious or Benaras HC., 154p, ivp, Plates (Reprint Allahabad 1909 edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX

7. Gordon, Sanderson Delhi- Fort, A Guide to the Buildings and Gardens HC., 116p, 2 Photo (Reprint 1914 Delhi ) 2000, ISBN 8120615328

8. IRWIN H. C. The Garden of India or Chapters on Oudh History HC., 352p,16 illus (Reprint London 1892 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615427

9. Keene, H.G. Hand Book for visitors to Lucknow with preliminary notes on Allahabad and Cawnpore HC., 128p , 1 Map (Reprint 1875 Calcutta) 2000, ISBN 8120615271

10. Kincaid, C.A. Folk Tales of Sindh and Gujarat HC., 112p, (Reprint Rarnchi 1925 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120615387

11. Knighton, William Tropical Sketches or Reminiscences of an Indian Journalists - 2 Vols. 750 HC., Vol-I, xii, 322p, Vol-II 349p (Reprint London1855 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615433 (Set)

12. Lillie, A. Buddha and Buddhism HC., 223p (Reprint Edinburgh 1900 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615263

13. Mclean, John The Indians of Canada, Their Manners & Customs HC., 350p, 18 Plates,, illus. (Reprint London 1892 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615441

14. Molony, J. Charles A Book of South India HC., 252p, 16 illus. (Reprint London 1926 edn.) 2001, ISBN 812061545X

15. Munshi, R.N. History of the Kutb Minar (Delhi) Being an Inquiry into its origin, its Authorship, its Application on the motives that led to the Erection from the Testimony of the Mohemeden Chroniclers and the Inscription on the Minar HC., 94p, (Reprint Bombay1911 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120615344

16. Rev. Winslow, Miron Memoirs of Mrs. Harrlet L. Winslow Thirteen years a member of the American Mission in Ceylon 19 cm, 480p (Reprint American Tract Society 1850 New York ) 2001

17. Rice, Stanley, P. Occasional Essays on Native South Indian Life Among the Uriyas - Language, Manners and Customs, Religion, Zemindars, Khond and Savaras. Forgotten Religion, Legend of Kaveri, Fishermen on the East Coast and Tradition in South India HC., 223p, (Reprint London 1901 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615468

18. Treves, Frederick The other side of the Lantern An account of a common place tour around the world ISBN 812061531X

19. Urwick W. Rev. India Illustrated Revised and enlarged by Prof. Edward P. Thwing (Ceylon 24 illus, Madras Presidency 42 illus., The Bengal Provinces 24 illus, The North Western Provinces and Oudh 22 illus, The Punjab 20 illus. Rajputana and Central Agency 6 ill r States of Afghanistan, Nipal and Burma With a supplementary chapter of recent events by Edgar Saltus with Maps and Tables Part-I Hindu India, Part-II Mohammadan India, Part-III British India HC., 442p, 4 Plates, 2 Maps, Vol-2, viii 443-887p, 4plates, 3 maps (Reprint New York 1899 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120615475

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