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Aurel Stein (Sir) , 1862-1943

His Biography and Expeditions

Stein, Sir (Mark) Aurel, archaeologist and explorer. Born in Hungary, he became a British citizen in 1904. He served (1888-99) as principal of the Oriental College, Lahore, India (now in Pakistan), and was superintendent (1910-29) of the Indian Archaeological Survey. Stein also led four major expeditions (1900, 1906-8, 1913-16, 1930) to trace ancient caravan routes between China and the West, concentrating on the little known region of Eastern Turkistan, and did extensive research on the movements of Alexander the Great through Asia. Stein died in Kabul, Afghanistan, while preparing for a new expedition.

During his expeditions, he wrote several books and some are specified belowL

1. On Alexander`s Track to the Indus
2. Ruins of Desert Cathay
3. Sand-Buried KHOTAN
4. On Ancient Central Asian Track


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