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Books on: Sanskrik Language Learning, Grammar Books, Dictionaries.  Also, we plan to add a list of Sanskrit Language Learning Schools and related websites and weblinks.



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This page provides a guide to Sanskrit Resources (Language Learning) that are available for students to learn Sanskrit.

If you have a website on Sanskrit language Learning, please send information to educa


ISBN Title  

List US   $


  Handbook of chinese Buddhism  ..Being a sanskrit Chinese Dictionary, Eitel Ernest, J   Hardcover, 248 pages, (Reprint) 1992 edn.

8120613570 Sanskrit Grammar for students, Macdonell, A.   
 Hardcover, 246 pages, (Reprint) 2002 - Forthcoming

  Sanskrit grammar for Beginners, Max Muller, F  ( in Devanagari and Roman Script)    
Hardcover, 324 pages, (Reprint 1870 edn.0 1991 edn.  cript)                                                                    


8120603729 A Guide To Panini Being An English Summary of Panini's Aphorisms On Sanskrit Grammar, Vencatavaradiengar S.   
Hardcover, 1328 pages, (Reprint Bangalore 1887 Edn.) 1998 edn.


8120603710 Wilson Philological Lectures On Sanskrit And The Derived Languages, Bhandarkar, R.G.     
Hardcover, 400 pages (Reprint 1929 Edn.) 1991 edn.


81206XXXXX Oriental And Linguistic Studies-First Series: The Veda, The Avesta The Science Of Language Second Series; The East And West, Religion And Mythology, Orthography And Phonology, Hindu Astronomy, Whitney, W.D.  
Hardcover, 422 pages, Map (Reprint 1874 Edn.) Forthcoming


8120600770 Wilson H.H. (Collected & Edited By Reinhold Rost) Essays Analytical Critical And Philological On Subjects Connected With Sanskrit Literature-3 Vols.     
Hardcover, Vol. 1/408 P Vol. Ii 406 P. Vol. Iii/392 P (Reprint 1864 Edn.) 1984 edn., (Set)


8120600746 Wilson, H.H. Select Specimens Of The Theatre Of The Hindus-2 Vols Translated Form Original Sanskrit Vol.1: Preface, Treatise On The Dramatic System Of The Hindus Drama, Translated From The Original Sanskrit. The Mrichchhakati; Or The Toy Cart, Vikrama & Urvasi; Or The Hero And The Nymph, Uttara-Ramacharitra; Or Continuation Of The History Of Rama Vol.2: Dramas Translated From The Original Sanskrit Malati And Madhava; Or Stolen Marriage, Mudra Rakshasa; Or The Signet Of The Minister, Ratnavalli; Or The Necklace; Appendix 
Hardcover,  Vol. 1: 456 P :& Vol. 2: 422 P (Reprint 1871 Edn.) 1984 edn. (Set)


8120600738 A Bibliography Of The Sanskrit Drama, Schuyler, M.         
Hardcover,  112 P (Reprint 1906 Edn.) 1977, 1991 edn. 


812060878X Sanskrit-Telugu Dictionary, Anon       
 Hardcover,  580 P, (Reprint 1943, Edn.) 1994 edn.


8120613228 Sanskrit Proverbs-Sanskrit Lokoktulu (Trilingual) Printed In The Devanagari And Telugu Characters, Carr, M.W.  
Hardcover,  124 P, (Reprint Madras 1868 Edn.) 1999 edn. 


8177420402 Tibetan Sanskrit Dictionary, Lokash Chandra 
Hardcover, 853 pages, 3rd edn., 2001 edn.(aditya)   


  History of Classical sanskrit Literature, Krishnamacharaya, M.
Hardcover, 1264 pages, (Reprint) - Forthcoming
  History of Ancient Sanskrit Literature, Max Muller, A.
...So far as it illustrates the religion of the Brahamins

Hardcover, 38 pages, (Reprint 1859 edn. ) 1993 edn. $ 58.95
8120612728 Sanskrit-Worter Buch, Cappeller, Carl
....Nach den peters Burger Buchern Bearbeitet

Hardcover, 542 pages,  25 cm., (Reprint) 1002, ISBN , $ 98.50
  Learn Sanskrit - Part 1, Meenakshi Balu, V. Ragavendra Sharma Gowri  Alphabets, Key  instructions, word meaning, practice writing, joint leters, numbers, names of vegetavbles
Paperback, 80 pages, 18x12 cm. , 2001 edn.


  Learn Sanskrit - Part 2, Meenakshi Balu, V. Ragavendra Sharma Gowri  Alphabets, Key instructions, word meaning, practice writing, joint leters, numbers, names of vegetavbles
Paperback, 80 pages, 18x12 cm. - Forthcoming


8120608011  Elementar Buch Des Sanskrit Unter Beruck Sichtigung Der Veeischen Sprache-3 Vols. Geiger, Wilth   (Set)


  Grammatik (2 Wette), Erster Teil    
Hardcover, 92 P (Reprint 1909 Edn.) 1999


8120606590  Ubungen Und Lesestucke (Zwette Auflage), Zweiter Teil    
Hardcover, 128 P (Reprint 1909 Edn.) 1991 edn.


8120606604 Worter Verzei-Chnisse Sanskrit Deutsch Deutsch Sanskrit (Zwette Auflage), Dritter Teil  
Hardcover,  84 P (Reprint Strassburg 1909 Edn.) 1991 edn.


8120609069 Elementar Buch Der Sanskrit-Sprache (Grammatik-Texte-Worterbuch)  Stenzler, A.F - Fortgefuhrt Von Richard Pischel     
Hardcover, 120 P, (Reprint 1923 Edn.) 1994 edn.


8120615735 Budhistische triglotte,  Schiefner,   Sanskrit - tibetisch - Mangolisches - Worterverezeichniss

Folio, 79 P., (Reprint 1959 edn.) 2001  edn.  


 8120615727 Grammatic Der Mongolischen sprache, schmidt, I.J.  verfasst von I.J. schmidt...Mit einertafel in steindruck Mangoli Language - Grammar - German  
Hardcover, 196 P., (Reprint 1831 edn.) 2001 edn. 



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