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Books on: Sanskrik Language Learning, Grammar Books, Dictionaries.  Also, we plan to add a list of Sanskrit Language Learning Schools and related websites and weblinks.



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This page provides a guide to Sanskrit Resources (Language Learning) that are available for students to learn Sanskrit.  IIf you have a website on Sanskrit language Learning, please send information to educa. The Sanskrit Resource page maintains the following  resources:  

1. Sanskrit Learning Schools  and On Line Sanskrit Dictionary - Links to be added

2. Learning resources (Dictionaries, Sanskrit Learning Books, Sanskrit Literature and Reference books) - See list below:


  ISBN   Title  

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189595925X   Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Monier, Williams 
....Etymologically arranged withspecial reference to cognate Indo-european languages greatly enlarged and improved with the collaboration of Leumann, Cappeller and other scholars
Hardcover, 1372 pages, 29 cm, (Reprint) 2001 edn.
1895959233   English-Sanskrit Dictionary, Monier, Williams
...published under the patronage of the Honourable East India Company  
Hardcover, Vol.-1372 pages, Vol.-862 pages, 29 cm, (Reprint) 2001 edn.
1895959XXX. Sanskrit-English & English-Sanskrit Dictionary - 2 Vol. set, Monier, Williams
...Etymologically arranged with special reference to cognate Info-european languages greatly enlarged and improved with the collaboration of Leumann, Cappeller and other scholars   
 Hardcover, Vol. 1: -1372 pages, Vol.2: -862 pages,  29 cm, (Reprint) 2001 edn.
 8120603702 Sanskrit-English Dictionary, Benfey, T.
....With references to the best edition of Sanskrit author and Etymologies and comparisons of cognate words chiefly in Greek, Latin, Gothic and anglo-saxon, Hardcover,

Hardcover, 1145 pages, 22 cm.,  (Reprint) 1998 edn.
8120800451 The Student's Sanskrit - English Dictionary,  Vaman Shivram Apte
Hardcover, 664 pages, 1997 edn.
8120803000 The Students English-Sanskrit Dictionary,  Vaman Shivram Apte
Pb., 501 pages, 1997 edn.
81206XXXXX Practical Sanskrit Dictionary, Macdonell, A.A,
Hardcover, 382 pages, 30 cm., (Reprint) 2002 edn. -Forthcoming
189 Learn Sanskrit in 30 Days through English,  K. Srinivasachari
Pb., 212 pages, 1997 - Language: English ( Balaji Publications)
812060072X Sanskrit Grammar for Beginners, Max Muller, F.
.In Devanari and Roman letters 

Hardcover, 324 pages, 25 cm., (Reprint) 1991 edn.
8124600945 A Sanskrit Grammar for Students, Arthur A. Macdinell         
Hardcover, 264 pages, 2nd edn., 2001 edn. (DK)

8124600953 A Sanskrit Grammar for Students, Arthur A. Macdinell     
Pb..,, 264 pages, 2nd edn., 2001 edn. (DK)

8121504678 A Grammatical Dictionary of Sanskrit (Vedic) I - Phonetics, Surya Kant Kant      
Hardcover, 302 P., 1996 edn.  
8120817672 The Sanskrit Language,  T Burrow
Hardcover, 438 pages, 2001 edn. 
8120801997 A Rapid Sanskrit Method,  George L Hart
Pb., 208 pages,  2000 edn. 
817636081X A Sanskrit Primer,  E D Perry 
Hardcover, 230 pages,  (LP): 1997 edn.
8175360828 First Book of Sanskrit, Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar
Hardcover, 224 pages,  (LP), 1997.edn.
817536128X Second Book of Sanskrit, Ramakrishna Gopal Bhandarkar
Hardcover, 256 pages,  (LP), 1998.edn.
8120811402 Introduction to Sanskrit - Part One, Thomas, Egenes
Hardcover, 386 pages,  1996.edn.
8120816935 Introduction to Sanskrit - Part Two, Thomas, Egenes
Hardcover, 437 pages,  2000.edn.
8120811895 Sanskrit Manual, Rodericks S. Bucknell
Hardcover, 254 pages,  2000.edn.
8185557594 Sanskrit Grammar, William Dwight Whitney
Hardcover, 661 pages,  1995.edn.
8185557594 Shabda Sagara or a Comprehensive Sanskrit English Lexicon, Wilson, H.H.; Jiba Nanda Vidyasagar
Hardcover, 840 pages, (Reprint) 1991 edn.

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