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The Indians of Canada: Their Manners and Customs Pioneer in Canada Forty-Two Years Amongst The Indians and Eskimos The Northwest Under Three Flags Eskimo Dictionary Eskimo Grammar Micmac Language Dictionary Mohawk Dictionary & Mohawk Grammar Book  Cree Dictionary

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The Indians of Canada: Their Manners and Customs

by Mclean, John

  ....Indians of North America - Indian Customs, Indian Names , Indian Women,  Indian Burial Customs, Superstitions of the Blackfeet, Indian Marriage Customs, The Red Orator, War Customs, The Peace Pipe, Scalps and Scalping, Indian Charms, Camp Socials, The Minnesota Massacre, Indian Paintings, Picture-Writing, Medicine Man, Native Religions, Indians ans Buffalo,  Indian Heroes, Tecumseh, Glikkikan, Indian Traditions, Indian Languages and Literature, The Indian Problems, The Church and the Indians...
Hardcover, 352 pages, illustrations (Reprint London 1891), ISBN 1895959426, Price
US$ 38.95 (C$ 49.95)

Forty-Two Years Amongst Indian and Eskimo

by Beatrice Batty ....Indian of North America - Canada Mission, Inuit Canada Mission, a long-continued personal correspondance with the late Bishop of Moosonee, the daily life of Bishop, the food and habits of the people, modes of travel, dress, climate, products, seasons, and special incidents ... Pictures from the life of the Right Reverend John Horden (1828-1893)- First Bishop of Moosonee, (Reprint 1893 London), Hardbound, 224 pages, 12.9x18.6 cm., with illustrations
Library of Congress LC 97-07449 , ISBN 1895959284, Price US$ 34.95 (C$ 48.50)

The North West Under Three Flags (1635-1776)

by Moore Charles ...North West old History, Canada History 17th Century, Canada History 18th Century Hardbound, 402 pages, 15x22 cm with illustrations. Library of Congress LC 97-070448, CIP C9700176-3 (reprint), ISBN 1895959268,
Price US$ 38.95 (C$ 49.95)

Pioneers In Canada

by Johnson H.H. (Harry Hamilton), Sir. ....Stories of those pioneers who found ....Canada -- Discovery and exploration ....America -- Discovery and exploration, ....Canada -- Description and Travel ....Canada -- History,
ISBN 1895959241
Hard cover edition
US$ 48.95 (C$54.95)

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