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Laurier Books

Welcome to web links: Educational Books, Foreign Language Dictionaries, French Language Dictionaries
Native American Books & Native Languages,
Novartis - CIBA - Netters Books,
South Asia Books, Asian Studies,
Library of Congress Bibliographic, Canada & USA Government Publications.

Web Links

Foreign Languages: Dictionaries & Grammar Books

French & Bilingual Dictionaries (Larousse)(Robert)

Native American Books & Languages

Library of Congress: Books Biblio Products

Whitaker`s Almanac - 2002

Novartis / CIBA / Netter Medical

Afghanistan ( near) Books

Afghanistan ( near) Languages

Islam & Koran Dictionaries

South Asia Books & Asian Studies

Sri Lanka Books

Tamil Books

Tibet Books

Asian Educational Services: Publications

Motilal Banarasidas: Publications

Munshiram Manoharlal: Publications

India - 1000 Publishers: Publications


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