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Swahili Resources

Welcome to our Swahili Resource site!

Swahili Dictionaries
Swahili Language Learning Resources:

Swahili - English Dictionary
Madan, A.C. Hardcover, 442 pages, (reprint),
1992, ISBN: 8120607465

English - Swahili Dictionary
Madan, A.C.
Hardcover, 484 pages, (reprint), 2000, ISBN: 8120615107

English - Swahili Dictionary - Kamusi Ya Kiilngereza-Kiswahili
by The Institute of Kiswahili Research (Editor),, pb. 883 pages, ISBN: 9976911297)

Swahili Dictionary of Synonyms, Kamusi ya Visawe
Mohamed A. Mohamed,
pb. 228 pages, 1998

A Handbook of the Swahili Language
(Part I Swahili Handbook, Part II: Swahili English Vocabulary)
Steere, Bisop & Madan, A.C.
Hardcover, 450 pages, (Reprint)

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