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South Asia Books - Dictionaries Links


South Asia Books - Dictionaries Links
Islam - Koran - Books - Dictionaries

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Laurier Books - Main Page

Afghanistan Book - History, Culture, Religion, Customs, Explorations

How to find South Asia Books - Suggested Links

Indian Languages - Dictionaries, Language Learning Books

Library of Congress Classification Schedules

Library of Congress - Subject Headings & Other Titles

Library of Congress - Bibliographic Products

Mohenjo-Daro - Indus Civilization

Native American Publications

Netters - CIBA - Novartis - Netters Books

Pali Language/ Dictionaries & Grammar Books

South Asia Languages - Dictionaries & Grammar Books

South Asia Books - History, Culture, Religions, Customs, Explorations

Sir Richard F Burton - Books

Sri Lanka Books: History, Culture, Languages..

Tamil Books - History, Culture, Customes, Dictionaries..

Tibet Books: History, Culture, Religion, Languages

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