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Sven Hedin 1865 1952

His Asian Explorations

Sven hedin was Swedish explorer of Asia, writer and geographer.
Between the years 1893 and 1935 Hedin made four expeditions to Central Asia. He cartographed significant areas in Pamir, Taklamakan, Tibet, Transhimalaya (also called Hedin Mountains). In 1900-01 he made two attempts to reach Lhasa
From his journeys Hedin wrote several books, which became extremely popular. His China expeditions provided material for three books, The Flight of Big Horse (1936), The Silk Road (1936) and The Wandering Lake (1940)

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Sven Hedin - Books

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Selected works:
Central Asia and Tibet, Towards the Holy City Vol.1 1903 , Reprint Edn.**
Adventures in Tibet, 1904
Trans-Himalaya, 1909-13 3 Vol. Set, Reprint Edn. **
Overland to India, 1910 Reprint Edn.**
Southern Tibet, 1916-22
Mount Everest, 1922
From Peking to Moskow, 1924
My Life as an Explorer, Reprint Edn.1925 **
Across the Gobi Desert, 1932
Central Asia and Tibet- towards the holy city **
The Flight of 'Big Horse', 1936
SIDENVGEN, 1937 - The Silk Road - (about the second expedition)

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