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ISBN/ Code Description
0-914168-819 Atlas of Human Anatomy, Netter, pb. 525p., 06/97.

0-914168-800 Atlas of Human Anatomy, Netter, hc.,525p.

0-914168-24X Nervous System, anatomy Pt. 1: Anatomy & Physciology,Netter, hc., 12/00

0-914168-118 Nervous System, Disorders Pt. 2: : Neuologic & Neuromuscular Disorder, Netter, hc., 02/86
0-914168-126 Nervous System Set, Netter, slipcase
0-914168-754 Reproductive System

0-914168-762 Digestive System, Upper Digestive System Pt.1, (Netter Collection Med. Illust. Vol.3 Pt I)
0-914168-770 Digestive System:, Lower Digestive System Pt. 2(Netter Collection Med. Illust. Vol. 3, Pt. II)
0-914168-053 Digestive System, Liver, Biliary Tract & Pancrea Pt. 3(Netter Collection Medical Illust., Vol. 3)
0-914168-568 Digestive System Set(Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations)

0-914168-878 Endocrine System and Solected Metabolic Diseases(Netter Collect. Med. Illust. Vol. 4)
0-914168-851 Heart (CIBA Collections of Med. Illust. Vol. 5)

0-914168-789 Kidney (CIBA Collections of Med. Illust.)
0-914168-096 Respiratory System (Netter Collection of Medical Illustrations, Vol. 7), Netter, F.H.
0-914168-886 Musculoskeletal System Pt. 1: Anatomy, Physiology and Metabolic Disorders (Netter Collection of Med. Illustrations, vol. 80

0-914168-150 Musculoskeletal System Pt. 2.: devemental Disorders, Tumors, Rheumatic Diseases and joint Replacement (CIBA Collection Med. Illust. Vol. 80

0-914168-797 Musculoskeletal System Pt. 3.: trauma, Evaluations and Management (Netter Coll. Med. Illust.), 222p.

0-914168-177 Musculoskeletal System Set (CIBA Collection pf Med. Illust. Pt. I, II, III)
0-914168-002 Set of 13 Books (CIBA Collection of Medical Illust. 8 Vols. / 12 books)

0-914168-134 Basic Elrctrocardiography, Scheidt , S., Eriebacher, spiral ed


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ISBN / Code Description


0-SLAAL Atlas of Human Anatomy Slide Set

0-CS Clinical Symposia Ref. to page 2


0-914168-673 Interactve Clinical Atlas (windows) Netter, F.H.

0-914168-711 Interactve Clinical Atlas (mackintosh) Netter, F.H.

0-914168-835 Interactive Atlas of Human Anatomy, Netter, F.H.

0-914168-843 Interactive Atlas and SAA Atlas of Human anatomy Combination psackage, Netter, F.H.
0-914168-584 Interactive Electrocardiography, Scheidt, S., Netter, F.H.

0-914168-576 Interactive Electrocardiography & ECG (Book & CDROM)

0-914168-479 NovaCON Coronary Heart Disease
0-914168-487 NovaCON Hypertension

0-914168-681 NovaCON Congestive Heart Failure
0-914168-703 NovaCON CD-ROM set

0-NTR-VIDEO Netter Video

0-DXR Diagnostic Reasoning Single Case
0-DXR1-4 Diagnostic Reasoning, Four Cases