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New Book Releases and Back-list : September- 2001

1. Abbe Carre
The Travels Of The Abbe Carre In India And The Near
East From 1672 To 1674 - 3 Vols.
..Translated From The Mass Journal By Lady Fawcett And
Edited By Charles Fawcett, Vol.1: 372p., Vol.2: 384p, Vol.l.3: 332p, HC., 3 Vol. Set,
22 cm., illust., maps, (Reprint London Edn.)1990/2 edn. #05969, (Set)

2. Atkinson , Thomas Witlam
Oriental And Western Siberia,
..A Narrative Of Seven Years Of Exploration And Adventure In Siberia, Mongolia, The Kirghes Steppes, Chinese Tartary
And Parts Of Central Asia
19 Cm, 484p, 18 Engravings , Map (Reprint London 1859 Edn.)
2000 edn., #14682

3. Atkinson , Thomas Witlam
Travels In The Region Of The Upper And Lower Amoor And
The Russian Accusations On The Comfits Of India & China..
..Adventures With Mountain Kirghis And The Manjoors, Myanmars (Burma), Toumzamtz, Gold, And Gelyaks, The Hunting And Pastoral Tribes.
22cm, 570p, 83 illu, 1map (Reprint London 1860 Edn.) 2001 NYP

4. Burnaby Fred
A Ride To Khiva
..Travels And Adventures In Central Asia (With An Appendix), Sub.: Khiva, Rusia, Central Asia
19 Cm, 430p, (Reprint London 1874 Edn.) 2001, #15409

5. Barbosa Duarte, (Mansel Longworth Dames)
The Book Of Duarte Barbosa. -2 Vols.
..An Account Of The Countries Bordering On The Indian Ocean And Their Inhabitants; Written By Duarte Barbosa And Completed About The Year 1518 A.D., Sub. : Africa-East, Arabia, Persia, India, Malabar, China, Malay- Archipelago Description And Travel
Vol.1: Including The Coasts Of East Africa, Arabia, Persia And Western India As Far As The Kingdom Of Vijayanagar.
Vol.2: Including The Coasts Of Malabar, Eastern India, Further India, China And The Indian Archipelago.
22 Cm, Vol. 1: 324p, 2 Map, Vol. 2: 318p, 2 Maps (Reprint London 1918 Edn.)1989/ 2001 #04512, (Set)

6. Bellew, H.W.
Kashmir And Kashghar
..A Narrative Of The Journey Of The Embassy To Kashghar In1873-74. Sub.:Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China) Description And Travel Xinjiang Uygur Zizhiqu (China) History, Kashmir
22 Cm, 444p, (Reprint London 1875 Edn.) 1989, #05101

7. Bernier, Francois
Travels In The Mogul Empire A. D. 1656-1668
.. A Revised And Enlarged Edition Based Upon Irving Brock's. Translation By Archibald Constable Sub. : Mogul Empire ,India -History -European Settlements 1500-1765
India- Description And Travel ,India- Social Life And Customs
19 Cm, 500p, 3 Maps (Reprint Westminster 1891 Edn.),1996, #11691

8. Bower, Hamilton
Diary Of A Journey Across Tibet
..From Leh, Ladakh, To Peking, China; In 1891 And 1892, Sub.: Tibet,
22 Cm, 326p, illus, 1 Map, (Reprint London 1894 Edn.)1994, #09018

9. Bruce, Clearence Dalrymple (Major)
In The Footsteps Of Marco-Polo - A Journey Overland From Simla To Pekin.
..Sub: Central China, Asia,
23 Cm, Xvi, 380p, 40 Illus. Colour Map (Reprint London 1907) 2000,#13589

10. Burton Richard, F. (Sir)
Personal Narrative Of A Pilgrimage To Al Madinah And Meccah (Undertaken In 1853). - 2 Vols.
..Sub. : Arabia Description And Travel. Vol. 1 : 436p 18 Plates - Vol. 2 : 478p 9 Plates
22 Cm, (Reprint London 1893 Memorial Edn.) 1994/5, (Set) #09034

11. Carruthers, Douglas
Unknown Mongolia-2 Vols.
..A Record Of Travel and Exploration In North-West Mongolia And Dzungaria In The Years 1910 And 1911. (With 3 Chapters On Sport By J.H. Miller), Sub. : Hunting Sungari, Hunting Mongolia, Mongolia Description And Travel, Sungaria Description And Travel.
22 Cm, Xxxii, 660p With 168 Ilust., 6 Maps, (Reprint London
1913 Edn.) 1994, (Set), #08577

12. Clavijo, Ruy Gonzelez/Markham
Narrative Of The Embassy To The Court Of Timour At Samarkend; A.D. 1403 1406
..Translated By Clements R. Markham. Sub. : Timur, 1336-1405. ,ConquerorsAsia, Central Biography.,Europe Description And Travel Early Works To 1800.,Asia Description And Travel Early Works To 1800. Asia, Central Kings And Rulers Biography, NYP.

13. Lt.Arthur Conolly
Journey To The North Of India Throug Russia, Persia And Afghanistaun (Ii Vol) Set
22 Cm,Vol.I,,350p,2 Plates,Vol. Ii ,,360p,2 Plates,1 Map
(Reprint London 2nd 1838 Edn) Set, #1589X

13. Cunningham, A
Ladak: Physical, Statistical And Historical
..With Notices Of the Surrounding ,Geography, Mountains, Rivers, Lakes And Springs, Roads, Passes, Bridges,Climate,Productions, Commarce, Government, People,
History, Religion, Language Comparison.
22 Cm, Xiv, 485p, Maps Illus, 17 Col., 14 B/W Plates, Tables (Reprint London 1854 Edn.) 1998, #12965

14. Dollone, Vicomte
In Forbidden China
..The D'ollone Mission (1906-1909) To China,Tibet & Mongolia.
Translated From The French Of The Second Edition By Bernard Miall. Sub. : Tibet ,China, Asia Description And Travel
22 Cm, 318p, 126 Illus, 1 Map (Reprint London 1912 Edn.)1995 #10458

15. Edgerton Of Tatton
A Description Of Indian And Oriental Armour
..Illustrated From The Collection Formerly In The India Office, Now Exhibited At South Kensington, With An Introductory Sketch Of The Militay Hitory O India, Sub. : Arms And Armour India.
25 Cm, Viii, 178p, 21 Plates, 1 Map With Numerous Illustrations (Reprint London, 1906 Edn.) 2001, #12051

16. Festing, Gabrielle
When Kings Rode To Delhi
..Sub: Mogul Empire-History. Delhi-History
22 Cm, Xvi, 436p, 16 Plates (Reprint London 1912 Edn.) 1997, #12841

17. Francke, A.H.
A Lower Ladakhi Version Of The Kesar Saga
..Tibetan Text, English Abstracts And Notes Bibliotheca
Indica 1905-41, Sub. : Gesar (Legendary character), Mythology, Tibetan
25 Cm, 500p (Reprint Calcutta Edn.) 2000, #15077

18. Fryer, John
A New Account Of East India And Persia-3 Vols
..Being An Account Of Nine Years Travel, From 1672 To 1681.
Edited With Notes And An Introduction By William Crooke. Sub : India,Iran
22 Cm, Vol.1: 396p,Illus, Maps. Vol.2: 377p. Vol.3: 281p
(Reprint London 1909,1912 &1915 Edn.) 1992/5, (Set) #07961

19. Hamilton , Alexander
A New Account Of The East Indies-(1688-1723)-2 Vols
..Being The Observations and Remarks Of Capt. Alexander
Hamilton, From The Year 1688 To 1723. Trading And Travelling, By Sea And Land To Most Of The Countries And Islands Of Commerce And Navigation, Between The Cape Of Good Hope And The Island Of Japan, Sub. : East Indies, AsiaDescription And Travel
19 Cm, Vol.1: Xl, 396p,-Plates, Maps, Vol.2: X, 310p, -Plates, Maps (Reprint London 1739 2nd Edn.)1995, (Set) #10105

20. Hedin's, Sven
My Life As An Explorer
..Sub.: AsiaDescription And Travel,
25cm, 548pp, 68 illus. & Drawingsby by The Author, (Reprint London 1926 Edn.) 1998, #10571

21. Hedin's, Sven
Trans Himalayas - 3 Vols
..Discoveries and Adventures In Tibet .
With 544 Illustrations From Photographs, Water Colour Sketches And Drawings By The Author And 14 Maps, Sub. : Tibet (China) -Description And Travel.
22 Cm, Vol-1 Xxiv, 436p, 188 Plates, 7 Maps Vol-2Xvii, 442 P, 188 plates, 3 Maps, Vol-3Xv, 426p, 155illu., 4 Maps, (Reprint London 1909/13 Edn.) 1999, (Set), #1416X

22. Hedin, Sven
Riddles Of The Gobi Desert
..Translated From The Swedish By Elizabeth Sprigge And Claude Napier. Sub.: PersiaDescription And Travel
22 Cm, .Xii, 382p, 24 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint London 1933 Edn.) 2001, #XXXXX

23. Holdich Hungerford
The Indian Border Land 1880-1900
..Episodes In The NWFP., Afghanistan And Baluch Highlands.
Includes-Afghan War Of 1879-80* Waziristan* Russo-Afghan
Boundary Commission* The Durand Boundary* Pamirs And
Other Surrounding Areas. Sub. : Eastern Question (Central Asia) Afghanistan Boundaries,India Defenses
22 Cm, 416p, 22 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint London Edn.) 1996, #11853

24. Huc, M.
Travels In Tartary Thibet And China (Illustrated) -2 Vols.
..During the Years 1844-5-6. Translated From The French By
W. Hazlitt Illustrated With 50 Engravings In Each Volume. Sub. : Tibet, China, Central Asia Description And Travel
22 Cm, Vol. I : Xiv, 326p, Vol. Ii: X, 342p (Reprint Chicago 1898 Edn.) 1998 (Set), #13791

25. Ibn Battuta
Travels In Asia And Africa From 1325 To 1354
..Translated And Selected By H.A.R. Gibb; With An Introduction And Notes, Sub. : Ibn Batuta, 1304-1377, Travelers Islamic Empire Biography Voyages And Travels, Asia, Africa Description And Travel The Broadway Travellers,
22 Cm, 410p, 4 Pl. And Maps(Reprint Of London 1929 Edn.) 1992/7, #08097

26. Jacquemont Victor
Letters From India (1828 - 1831) - 2 Vols.
..A Journey In The British Dominions Of India, Tibet, Lahore And Cashmere, Sub. : Jacquemont, Victor, 1801-1832, IndiaDescription And Travel Oxford In Asia Historical Reprints From Pakistan
22 Cm. Vol.1: 458p, Plate. Vol. 2: 386 P. 1 Map (Reprint London 1834 Edn.) 1993 (Set), #08305

27. Jaffur Shurreef, Herklots, G.A.
Qanoon-E-Islam, Or The Customs Of The Mussulmans Of India
..Comprising A Full And Exact Account Of Their Various Rites And Ceremonies From The Moment Of Birth Till The Hour Of Death. Composed Under The Direction Of And Translated By G.A. Herklots With Several Illustrations. Sub.: Muslims India, IndiaSocial Life And Customs
22 Cm, 470p, 14 Plates (Reprint Madras 1863 Edn.) 1991, #07120

28. Jourdain, John-William Foster
The Journal Of John Jourdain (1608-1617)
..Describing His Experiences In Arabia, India, And The Malay Archipelago. Sub. : East India Company ,Voyages And Travels,Mogul Empire, East Indies Works Issued By The Hakluyt Society
22 Cm, 476p, 4 Maps (Reprint Cambridge 1905 Edn.) 1992, #05292

29. Knight, E.F.
Where Three Empires Meet.
..A Narrative of Recent Travel In Kashmir, Western Tibet, Gilgit And The Adjoining Countries. (1891-1892). Sub.: Knight, E. F. (Edward Frederick), 1852-1925 Journeys India
Jammu And Kashmir Description And Travel, Social Life And Customs
19 Cm, 544p, 1 Map & 54 Illus Plates (Reprint London 1905 Edn.) 1993 #08283

30. Knight, Capt.
Diary Of A Pedestrian In Cashmere And Thibet From May 21, To Oct. 31st, 1860
..Sub.: Jammu And Kashmir (India), Tibet, China Description And Travel
22 Cm, Xvi, 385p, Col 45 Illus. (Reprint London 1863 Edn.) 1998, #12647

31. Leitner G, W.
Dardistan In 1866, 1886 And 1893
..From An Account Of The History,Religions, Customs, Legends, Fables And Songs Of Gilgit, Chilas, Kandia (Gabrial) Yasin, Chitral, Hunsa, Nagyr And Other Parts Of The Hindu Kush. With Suppliment To The Second Edition Of The Hunza And Nagyr Handbook And Part Iii Of The Author's Languages And Races Of Dardistan. With Appendices On Recent Events, A Map And Numerous Illustrations. Sub.: Dardistan (Pakistan) History
25 Cm, 245p, Illus, Map (Reprint England 1890 Edn.) 1996, #12175

32. Llyod, Evans, H.
Travels In India, Including Sinde & Punjab- (1842-1843) 2 Vols
..Translated From German Of Orlich. Sub.: Orlich, Leopold Von, 1804-1860 India, Sindh (Pakistan), PunjabDescription And Travel
22 Cm, Vol.1: 278p, Vol.2: 324p, Illu. Charts (Reprint London 1845 Edn.) 1998 (Set), #10873

33. Locke, J , Courtenay
The First Englishmen In India
..Letters And Narratives of Sundry Elizabethans. Written By Themselves And Edited With An Introduction And Notes
By J. Courtenay Locke. Sub. : Voyages And Travels, India, Western Asia Description And Travel
22 Cm, Xvi, 229p, 8 Plates, 3 Maps (Reprint London 1930 Edn.) 1995, #10350

34. Lockman, J.
Travels Of The Jesuits Into Various Parts Of The World Particularly China And East Indies - 2 Vols
..Compiled From Their Letters. Now First Attempt In English; Intermixed With An Account Of The Manners, Government, Religion Etc, Of The Several Nations Visited By Those Fathers. Extracts From Other Travellers And Miscellaneous Notes, Illustrated With Maps And Sculptures. Sub.: China, Indochina, America Description And Travel
22 Cm, Vol. I-Xxx, 487p, Map Titles (Reprint London 1743 Edn), Vol. Ii-Viii, 508p, Map Illus. (Reprint London 1743 Edn.) 1995 (Set) #10601

35. Lushington, Henry
Great Countrys Little Wars,
..England, Afghanistan And Sind With Reference To Their Morality And Policy On The N.W. Frontier. Sub.: Afghan Wars,BritainForeign RelationsAfghanistan, Sindh (Pakistan)
-Cm, 303p, 2 Maps (Reprint 1844 Edn.) 2001, NYP Coming soon. #10822

36. Major, R.H.
India In The Fifteenth Century:
..Being A Collection Of Narratives Of Voyages To India In The Century Preceding The Portuguese Discovery Of The Cape Of Good Hope From Latin, Persian, Russian And Italian Sources. Sub.: Voyages And Travels, IndiaDescription And TravelEarly Works To 1800
22 Cm, 254p, (Reprint London 1858 Edn.) 1992, #07686

37. Marsh H.C
A Ride Through Islam
..Being Journey Through Persia And Afghanistan To India Via
Meshed Herat And Kandhar
22cm ,Viii ,214p. (Reprint London 1859 Edn.) #15859

38. Manucci Niccolao/ Irvine William
A Pepys Of Mogul India (1653-1708)
..Being An Abridged Edition Of The Storia Do Mogor" Of Niccolao Manucci (Abridged Edition Prepared By Margaret L. Irvine). Sub.: Jesuits--India, Mogul Empire--Description And Travel, India--Discovery And Exploration
22 Cm, Xii, 310p, Front (Part), (Reprint London 1913 Edn.) 1991, #07007

39. Polo Marco / Masefield, J.
Travels Of Marco Polo ,The Venetian (1260-1295)
..Fully Illustrated With Twenty Drawings In Pen & Ink By Adrian De Friston And Eleven Photographs. Sub. : Voyages And Travels, Mongols--History, Asia--Description And TravelEarly Works To 1800.
21 Cm,Xviii, 462p, Photographs , 18 Illus.(Reprint London, 1907edn.) 2001, #09492

40. Polo Marco / Benedetto
The Travels Of Marco Polo (1254-1324)
..Translated Into English From The Text Of L.F. Benedetto By Aldo Ricci. With An Introduction And Index By L. Denison Ross. Sub.: Voyages And Travels, Mongols--History,
Asia--Description And TravelEarly Works To 1800
22 Cm,Xviii, 440p, 5 Maps 7 Plates Illus, (Reprint London, 1931 Edn.) 1994, #09492

41. Marvin, Charles
Reconnoitring Central Asia: Pioneering Adventures
In The Region Lying Between Russia And India.
..Description Of Missions Made By : Arminius Vambery
*Capt Marsh *Col. V. Baker *J.A. Macgahan *Capt. Napier
*Col. Macgregor *Burnaby *Gen. Petrusevitch *Pashino
*Lieut. Alikhanoff And Other Adventures. Sub.: Eastern Question (Central Asia), Asia, Central Description And Travel, Asia, Central History
19 Cm, Xx, 421p, 8plates, & 1 Map (Reprint London 1885 Edn.) 1996 #11497

42. Moorcroft, W. /Trebec. G
Travels In India, Himalayan Provinces Of Hindustan-2 Vols.
..In Punjab, Ladakh And Kashmir; In Peshawar, Kabul,
Kunduz And Bokhara; From 1819 To 1825. (Edited By Wilson H.H.). Sub.: India Description And Travel, Asia, Central Description And Travel
19 Cm, Vol. 1 520p, Illu. Vol. 2 510p, Illus. (Reprint London 1837 Edn.) 1989 (Set), #04970

43. Pires Tome; Cortesao, Armando
The Suma Oriental Of Tome Pires (1512-1515) -2 Vols
..An Account Of The East From The Red Sea To Japan. Written In Malacca And India From 1512 To1515; And The Book Of Francisco Rodrigues. Rutter Of A Voyage In The Red Sea, Nautical Rules, Almanack And Maps. Written And Drawn In The East Before 1515. Sub.: Pilot Guides East Asia.East Asia Description And Travel
22 Cm, Vol. 1: Xvi, 230p ,27 Plates And Maps, Vol. 2: 352p, 15 Plates & Map (Reprint London 1944 Edn.) 1990 (Set) #05357

44. Pratt, A.E.
To The Snows Of Tibet And China -Travels In Central Asia
..Sub.: Natural HistoryChina. , Tibet ,ChinaDescription And Travel
21 Cm, 268p, 33 Plates, Maps (Reprint London1892 Edn.) 2001 #12329

45. Prejevalsky, N
Mongolia, The Tangut Country And The Solitudes Of
Northern Tibet - 2 Vols
..Being A Narrative Of Three Years Travel, 1870-73, In Eastern High Asia. With Introduction And Notes By Henry Yule (Translated By Delmar Morgan)
22 Cm, Vol. 1: 340p, 10 Illus. & Mapvol.2: 332p, 14 Illus (Set) #06809

46. Rawlinson, H.G.
Bactria: The History Of A Forgotten Empire -(Afghanistan)
..Sub: Bacteria- History
19 Cm, Xxiv, 170p, 3 Plates, 2 Maps (Reprint London 1912 Edn.), NYP. - to be released soon.

47. Tavernier, Jean Baptiste
Travels In India-2 Vols.
..Translated From The Original French Edition Of 1676 With A Biographical Sketch Of The Author, Notes, Appendices & Etc. By V. Ball, London 1889 2nd Edition Edited By Crooke. Sub.: India- Description And Travel, Mugal Empire
19 Cm, Vol. I: 92, 336p, 1 Plate, 2 Maps, Vol. Ii: Xvi, Iv, 400p, 6 Plates (Reprint 2nd Edition 1925 London 1889 Edn.) 2001 , (Set) #15670

48. Taylor, Bayards
Central Asia-Travels In Cashmere, Little Thibet And Central Asia
..Compiled By Bayard Taylor, Revised By Thomas Stevens.
Sub.: Asia, Central - Description And Travel
19 Cm, Viii, 294p, 16illus. (Reprint New York 1892 Edn.) 1997 #12671

49. Thornton, Edward
A Gazetteer Of The Countries Adjacent To India On The North-West -2 Vols.
..Including Sinde, Afghanistan, Belloochistan, Punjab And The Neighbouring States. Sub. : India Gazetteers, Afghanistan Gazetteers
22 Cm. Vol.1: Xxii, 422p. Vol. 2: 402p, 1 Map, (Reprint London 1844 Edn.) 1994, (Set) #09379

50. Valle, Pietro Della/ Edward Grey
The Travels Of Pietro Della Valle In India - 2 Vols
..From 1623 To 1624. Translated From The Old English Translation Of 1664 By G. Havers. Edited With A Note On The Life Of The Author, And An Introduction By Edward Grey. Sub. : India Description And Travel. History European Settlements, 1500-1765
22 Cm, Vol.1: 290p, 2 Map, 2 Plates. Vol. 2: 276p. (Reprint London 1892 Edn.) 1991 (Set), #06760

51. Vambery, Arminius
The Life And Adventures Of Armenius Vambery (1832-1913)
..Descriptions Of His Travels And Adventures In Asia Minor, Middle East And Central Asia In The Latter Half Of The 19th Century With An Appreciation By Max Nordau
19 Cm, Xxiv, 316p, 17 Illus. (Reprint London 1883 Edn.) 1998 #12582

52. Varthema, Ludovico Di Temple, R.C.
The Itinerary Of Ludovico Di Varthema Of Bologna From 1502 To 1508
..Translated From The Original Italian Edition Of 1510 By John Winter Jones In 1863 For The Hakluyt Society; With A Discourse On Varthema And His Travels In Southern Asia By Sir R.C. Temple. Sub.: Voyages And Travels, Asia Description And Traves-Early Works To 1800
25 Cm, 124p, 5 Maps, 2 Illus. (Reprint London 1928 Edn.) 1997, #12698

53. Wessels, C.
Early Jesuit Travellers In Central Asia (1603-1721)
..Bento De Goes* Antonio De Andrade* The Tsaparang Mission* S. Cacella* Cacella And Cabral* Grueber And D'orville* Desider. Sub.: Jesuits In Tibet. , Jesuits Biography. ,Missions China Tibet. Tibet , China Description And Travel.
22 Cm, Xvi, 344p, 5 Maps, Illus (Reprint Hague 1924 Edn.) 1997 #07414

54. Wellby, M. S.
Through Unknown Tibet, 1896
22 Cm, 456p, With 76 Illustrations (Reprint London 1898 Edn.) 1996, #1058X

55. Wilson, H.H
Ariana Antiqua
..A Descriptive Account Of The Antiquities And Coins Of Afghanistan With A Memoir On The Buildings Called Topes, By C. Masson. Sub.: NumismaticsAfghanistan, Bacteria, Topes (Monuments), Antiquities
25 Cm, Xvi, 452p, 9 Plates, Maps, Table Of Arianian Characters, 22 Coins Plates (Reprint London 1841edn.) 1998 #11896

56. Younghusband, G.J. /Younghusband, F.E.
The Relief Of Chitral With Maps & Illustrations
..Sub. : India- History- Chitral Campaign
22cm, X, 184p, 26pl, 24 Illus.(Reprint London 1895 Edn.,#133368, NYP.

57. Younghusband,F.E.
The Heart Of A Continent
..A Narrative Of Travels In Manchuria, Across The Gobi Desert, Through The Himalayas The Pamirs And Hanza (1884-1894). Sub.: Younghusband, Francis Eduard, Sir, 1863-1942 Journeys Asia, Central., Journeys, China Manchuria., Asia, Central Manchuria Description And Travel, China
22cm, Xvi,332p, 9 Illus, Map (Reprint London 1904 Edn.) 1993, #0850X

58. Younghusband F.E. /Molyneux E
..Described By Younghusband; Painted By Molyneux Sub.: Jammu And Kashmir (India) Description And Travel, Pictorial Works
22 Cm, 282p, 70 Colour Plates, Map (Reprint London 1909 Edn.) 1996, #11446

59. Younghusband, F.E.
Wonders Of The Himalayas
..Travels In The Himalayas In The Years 1884 And 1886
Sub. : Younghusband, Francis Edward, Sir, 1863-1942. , Himalaya Mountains Description And Travel
22 Cm, 222p, 1 Map (Reprint London 1924 Edn.) 1993, #08755

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