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The Travels of the Abbe Carre in India and the Near East From 1672 to 1674 - 3 vols.
Translated from the mass journal by Lady Fawcett and edited by Charles Fawcett VOL 1: From France through Syria, Iraq and the Persian Gulf to Surat, Goa and Bijapur: with an account of his grave illness. VOL 2; From Bijapur to Madras and St.Thome. Account of the capture of Trincomalee Bay and St.Thome by de la Haye, and of the seige of St. Thome by the Golconda army and hostilities with Dutch. Vol.3: Return journey to France with an account of the Sicilian revolt against the Spanish rule of Messina HC., Vol.1: 372p, 2 Illus & 3 Maps (Reprint)1990, vol.2: 384p, Illus & 3 map (Reprint) 1990, Vol.3: 332p, 2 Illus & 3 Map (Reprint London edn.)1992, HC., 3 Vol. set, ISBN 812060596-9

2./nyp Abbe De Guyon
A New History of The East India, Ancient and Modern - 2 Vols.
HC., 2 vol. Set NYP.

3. Abbott, J.
Sind - A Reinterpretation of The Unhappy Valley
HC., 124p, 3 Maps (Reprint Oxford 1924 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120607597

4./TOP Abraham Pandither, M.
Karunamirtha Sagaram -book I (On Srutis) (In English)
A treatise on music or Isai-Tamil; language music and drama HC., 910p, 8 Plates, Tables (Reprint 1917edn.) 1984, ISBN 8120600282

5./nyp Abraham Pandither, M.
Karunamirtha Sagaram -book II (On Ragas) (In Tamil)
HC., 352p, 1plate (Reprint Tanjore1946, edn.) 2001 NYP

6. Abraham Pandither, M.
Extract From Karunamirtha Sagaram
The first book on Srutis. Part 1,2&3 HC., 102p (Reprint 1917 2nd edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120604040

7. Adler, ElkAn NATHAN
Jewish Travellers (801-1755)
Eginhard of Franconia* Ibn Khordadhbeh* Judah Haleli* Rabbi Petachia * Rabbi Jacob Ben*Rabbi R.N.Ha Cohen* David Azulai and other travellers., HC., 391p, 8 Plates (Reprint London1930 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120609522

8. Agur, C.M.
Church History of Travancore
HC., 1432p, 34 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint Madras 1903 edn.), 2000 EDN., ISBN 8120605942

9. Ahmed Shah
Four Years in Tibet ( 1894-1898)
HC., 78p, (Reprint 1906 edn.)1996, ISBN 812061206x 10. ALBERUNI/Sachau Edward, C. Alberunis India - 2 vols written in about the year 1030 A.D. An account of the religion, philosophy, literature, geography, chronology, astronomy, customs, laws and astrology of India. HC., Vol.1-460p, Vol.2-432p (Reprint London 1888 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120608623

10. ALBERUNI/Sachau Edward, C.
Alberunis India - 2 vols
written in about the year 1030 A.D. An account of the religion, philosophy, literature, geography, chronology, astronomy, customs, laws and astrology of India. HC., Vol.1-460p, Vol.2-432p (Reprint London 1888 edn.) 1993,
ISBN 8120608623
11. Ali Foad Toulba
Ceylon - The land of Eternal Charm
With Foreword by L.E.Blaze HC., 352 p, (Reprint London 1926 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614941
12./top Ananda Ranga Pillai, Dubash to J.F.Dupliex;
The Private Diary of Ananda Ranga Pillai-12 Vols
A record of matters political, social, historical and personal from 1736 to 1761; translated from the Tamil by the order of the Govt. of Madras. Edited by H.Dodwell
Vol.1 (1736-1746)488p., Vol.2 (Apr.1746-Oct.1746)464P
Vol.3 (Oct.1746-Mar.1747)508p., Vol.4 (Apr.1747-Mar.1748)521p., Vol.5 (Apr.1748-Oct.1748)496p., Vol.6 (Oct.1748-Mar.1750)494p., Vol.7 (Apr.1750-Apr.1751)492p., Vol.8 (May1751-Dec.1753)303p., Vol.9 (Sep.1754-Dec.1755)474p., Vol.10 (Jan.1756-DEC 1757)452p., Vol.11 (Jan.1757-Jun.1759)510p., Vol.12 (Jan.1760-Dec.1760)456p., HC., 5858p, (Reprint edn.)1985, 2001 (SET) ISBN 8120601815

13. Ananda Ranga Pillai/Srinivasachari,
Ananda Ranga Pillai The "Pepys" of French India
With a foreword by Shafaat Ahmed Khan HC., 620p, 1 Map (Reprint Madras 1940 edn.)1991, ISBN 812060623X

14. Ananda Ranga Pillai, ; Srinivasachari,C.S.
The Historical Material from the Private Diary of Ananda Ranga Pillai (1736-61)
HC., 32p (Reprint Madras edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120610644

15. ANthos, J.M.
The Origin and the Glorious Past of the Andhras
HC., 118p, (Reprint 1925 edn.) 1989, 8120604423

16. Anon. (A British Officer)
Ceylon - A General Description of the Island,
Historical, Physical, Statistical-2 Vols.
HC., 890p, Map (Reprint LOND. 1876 edn.) 1994, 8120609344 (SET)

17. Anon.
Alphabetical List of the Villages in the Taluks and Districts of The Madras Presidency corrected upto September 1930
HC., 778p (Reprint of Madras 1933 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120605756

18. Anon.
Eminent Orientalists
Indian, European and American. William Jones* Charles Wilkins* H.T. Colebrooke* H.H. Willson* George Turnour* James* Rajendralal Mitra* Kasinath Trimbak Telang Fergusson* Bhaudaji and Indraji* Buhler* Monier Williams* Max Muller* J.F. Fleet* Edwin Arnold* Ralph T.Griffith* Sister Nivedita* W. Whiteney* Anundoram Borooah* Macdonell * Vincent Smith* A.B. Keith* Bal Gangadhar Tilak* Paul Deussen* Dr. Bhandarkar* Sylvain Levi* HARDCOVER, 406p (Reprint Madras 1922 edn,)1991, 8120606973 `
19./NYP ANON. (civilian)
The Civilian's South India Some places and people in Madras
HC., 248p, (Reprint London, 1921 edn.) 2001, 81206XXXXX NYP

20. ANON.
Delhi -The Capital of India.
Revised and enlarged edition of "All About Delhi" with 54 illustrations. (The book gives in a modest compass, a succinct history of the Hindu, Pathan and Moghul dynasties who reigned over Delhi, and also a vivid account of the British occupation, together with the story of the mutiny, the history and antiquities of Delhi . Graphic accounts of notable sights and scenes from well-known travellers and visitors are presented with suitable reproductions of illustrations. HC., 180p, 54 plates 72p-appendices, 9p-Index, (Reprint Madras 1918 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120612825

21. ANON.
A Ladys Diary of The Siege of Lucknow.
Written for the perusal of friends at home. (From May 15th,1857 to Dec. 28th, 1857) HC., 208p (Reprint London 1858 edn.) 1997, 8120612566

22. Anon.
The Great Temples of India, Ceylon And Burma
HC., 64p, 47 Plates (Reprint 1904 edn.) 1999, 8120603850
23. Anon.
Madura Tourist Guide-Illustrated
HC., 214p , 20 Illus. (Reprint 1913 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120607066

24. Anon.
The Quarterly Army List of Her Majesty's British and
Indian Forces
On the Bengal establishment, exhibiting the rank, standing,
and various services of every officer in the army. (Corrected 5th July 1859), HC., 588p, (Reprint 1859 edn. ) 1997, ISBN 8120612795

25. Aravamuthan, T.G.
Portrait Sculpture in South India.
Foreword by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, HC., 116p, 34 Plates (Reprint Madras 1930 edn.)1992, ISBN 8120608003
26. Aravamuthan, T.G.
South Indian Portraits in Stone and Metal
HC., 112p, 42 Illus. ,plates (Reprint Madras 1930 edn.)1988, ISBN 8120604180

27. Arnold, Edwin
The Light of Asia or The Great Renunciation Mahabhinishkramana)
Being the life and teaching of Gautama, prince of India and
founder of Buddhism, HC., 250p, Illus. (Reprint London 1892 edn.)1999, ISBN 8120613473

28. Arnold, Edwin
The Book of Good Counsels
From the Sanskrit of Hitopadesa. Illustrated by Cordon Browne, HC., 162p, 8 Plates, Illus, (Reprint London 1893 edn.)1984, ISBN 8120602412

29. Arnold, J.R.
Pavalar Chariththira Theepakam or, The Galaxy of Tamil Poets (In Tamil)
HC., 276p,(Reprint1886 edn.)1997, ISBN 8120600312

30. Arora, B.D.
Indian Indonesian Relations 1961-1980
HC., 394p, (New Delhi 1981), ISBN 8120602307
31. Arunachalam, P.
Sketches of Ceylon History
HC., 96p, (Reprint From The Siddhanta Deepika Colombo 1906 edn.) 1993, 8120608216

32. Atkinson , George Francklin
Curry & Rice on Forty Plates, Or the ingredients of social life at "Our Station" in India
HC., 92p, 40 col. plates (Reprint London 3rd 1854 edn.)1999, ISBN 8120605314

33./nr Atkinson , Thomas witlam
Oriental and Western Siberia
A narrative of seven years of exploration and adventure in
Siberia, Mongolia, the Kirghes steppes, Chinese Tartary
and parts of central Asia, Hardcover, 484p, 18 engravings , Map(Reprint London 1859 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614682

34./NR Atkinson , thomas witlam
Travels in the Region of The Upper And Lower Amoor And
the Russian Accusations on the Comfits of India & China
Adventures with mountain Kirghis and the Manjoors, Myanmars,Toumzamtz, Gold, and Gelyaks, the hunting and pastoral tribes. With a map and numerous illus., HC., 570p, 83 Illu, 1Map (Reprint London 1860 edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX NYP

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