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AES Glossaries

1. Maclean C.D. Glossary Of The Madras Presidency A Classification Of Terminology, A Gazetter And Economic Dictionary Of The Province And Other Information, The Whole Arranged Alphabetically And Indexed HC., 1164 P (Reprint 1892 Edn.) 1990 , ISBN 8120600339

2. Wilson H.H. A Glossary Of Judicial And Revenue Terms And Of The Useful Words Occurring In Official Documents Relating To The Administration Of The Government Of British India From The Arabic, Persian, Hindustani, Sanskrit, Hindi, Bengali, Uriya, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Karnataka, Tamil, Malayalam And Other Languages HC., 760 P (Reprint London 1855 Edn.)

3. Yule Henry & Burnell, A.C. Hobson-Jobson A Glossary Of Colloquial Anglo-Indian Words And Phrases And Of Kinder Terms Edityet By: William Crooke, Etymological Historical, Geographical And Discursive HC., 1068 P (Reprint London 1903 Edn.) 1994

4. Dalgado S.R. Glossario Luso Asiatico-2 Vols. HC., Vol, 1/606 P. Vol. 2/592 P (Reprint Lisbon 1919 Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120606525 (Set)

5. Pandita (V.D.) Pandit Nighantu (A Glossary Of Botanical, Mineral, And Animal, Kingdoms In Eight Indian Leading Languages (Viz. Kannada, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu, Tamil And Sanskrit, With An Appendix Giving He Latin Names With Sanskrit Equavilant, And Indexes) By Vidwan Vaidya Punchanan V.D. Pandit HC., 460 P. (Reprint Bangalore, 1913 Edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120610180

6. Codrington. H.W. Glossary Of Native, Foreign And Anglicized Words Commonly Used In Ceylon In Official Correspondence And Other Documents HC., 70 P, (Reprint 1924 Colombo Edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120612027

7. Begbie, W.H. & Joseph Abraham A Vocabulary English Burmese Hindustani And Tamil In English Characters With The Burmese Also In The Native Letters. Designed For The Use Of Visitors And Others Who Are Not Familiar Withthe Languages Spoken In Burma. HC., 154 P, (Reprint Rangoon 1877 Edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120612493

8. Boyd, A. A Guide To 14 Asiatic Languages (Tamil, Bengali, Hindustani (Urdu), Burmese, Siamese, Malay, Chinese (Mandrine & Cantonese), Japanese, Russian, Arabic (Western & Eastern), Persian, Turkish. HC., 262 P, (Reprint London, 1947) 1999, ISBN 8120613711

9. Anon A Vocabulary Of The English Sinhalese & Tamil Languages HC., 64 P (Reprint Colombo1899 Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613996

10. Max Muller F. Biographies Of Words And The Home Of The Aryas HC., 306 P (Reprint Oxford 1887 Edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120602994

11. Nundo Lal Day The Geographical Dictionary Of Ancient & Mediaeval India HC., 274 P (Reprint 2nd Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120605160

12. Winterzits (S.B.E. Vol. 50) A Concise Dictionary Of Eastern Religion Being The Index Volume To Sacred Books Of The East. A General Index To The Names And Subject Matter With A Preface By Macdonel HC., 700 P (Reprint Edn.)

13. Eitel Ernest, E.J. Hand Book Of Chinese Buddhism Being A Sanskrit Chinese Dictionary With Vocabularies Of Buddhist Terms In Pali, Sinhalese, Siamese, Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian And Japanese HC., 248 P (Reprint London 1883 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120608011

AES Comparative Philology

1 Bell H.C.P. Excerpta Maldiviana First Published In 1922-35 In The Journal Of The Ceylon Branch Of Royal Asiatic Society HC., 316 P (Reprint J.R.A.S.Vols.29-33 Colombo 1922 Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120612213

2. Bhandarkar, R.G. Wilson Philological Lectures On Sanskrit And The Derived Languages HC., 416 P (Reprint Poona 1929 Edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120603710

3. Burnell, A.C. Elements Of South Indian Paleography From The Fourth To The Seventeenth Century A.D., Being An Introduction To The Study Of South Indian Inscriptions And Mss. HC., 106 P, 30 Plates, Map (Reprint Mangalore 1874 Edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120606566

4. Caldwell, R. A Comparative Grammar Of The Dravidian Or South Indian Family Of Languages HC., 680 P (Reprint 1913 Edn.) 1987, 1999, ISBN 8120601173

5. Campbell, A.D. A Grammar Of The Teloogoo Language With F.W. Elli's Note To The Introduction On The Various Dialects Sspoken In India HC., 24 P (Reprint 1811 Edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120603664

6. Campbell, G. Specimens Of Languages Of India Including Those Of The Aboriginal Tribes Of Bengal, The Central Provinces And The Eastern Frontier, Contribution By Dalton* Hopkinson* Metcalfe* Ravenshaw* Edgar* Clarke* Trotter* Lewin* Butler* Power* Halliday* Alexander* Lamb* River* Rowlatt* Endle* Skrefsend* Whitley* Aryan Languages Of Bengal, Hindustani And The Bombay Territories* Language Of The Punjab And Neighbouring Countries* Dravidian Languages Of Southern And Central India* Dialects Of Bihar* Aboriginal Behar Languages Of Western Bengal (Kolarian Type) Aboriginal Languages Of Western Bengal (Chiefly Dravidian Type) Aboriginal Languages Of The Central Provinces(Kolarian And Dravidian)* Further Aboriginal Languages Of The Central Provinces (Dravidian Chiefly Gond)* Tibetan And Bhootia Languages* Cooch Behar, Darjeeling (Sikkim) And Nepalese Languages* Assamlanguages* Languages Of Hills Surrounding Assam And Chchar* Languages Of The North East Of Assam. Languages Of Burmah Compared With Others HC., 30P (Reprint Calcutta 1874 Edn.)1986, ISBN 8120602625

7. Cust. R.N. A Sketch Of The Modern Languages Of The East Indies HC., 210Map (Reprint London 1878 Edn.) 1990

8. Dalgado S.R. Portuguese Vocables In Asiatic Languages From The Portuguese Original Translated Into English With Notes Additions And Comments By A.X. Soares HC., 646 P (Reprint 1936 Edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120604334

9. Geiger Wilhelm Maldivian Linguistic Studies. Translated From The German By Willis First. Published In 1919 Extra Number Of The Journal Of The Ceylon Branch Of Royal Asiatic Society. HC., 196 P, 8 Plates (Reprint Colombo 1919 Edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120612019

10. Hodgson, Brian, H. Miscellaneous Essays Relating To Indian Subjects -2 Vols HC., Vol.1: 408 P. Vol.2: 360p. (Reprint London 1880 Edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120607171 (Set)

11. Whitney, W.D. Oriental And Linguistic Studies-First Series: The Veda, The Avesta The Science Of Language Second Series; The East And West, Religion And Mythology, Orthography And Phonology, Hindu Astronomy HC., 422p Map (Reprint New York 1874 Edn.) 1999

12. Hoernle A.F. A Comparative Grammar Of The Gaudian Languages With A Language Map, Table Of Alphabets HC., 466 P (Reprint Calcutta 1880 Edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120607155

13 Kellogg S.H. A Grammar Of The Hindi Language In Which Are Treated The High Hindi, Braj And The Eastern Hindi Of The Ramayan Of Tulsidas, Also The Colloquial Dialects Of Rajputana, Kumaon, Avadh, Riwa, Bhojpur, Magadha, Mathila Etc. With Copious Philological Notes With Notes On Pronunciation By T. Grahame Bailey HC., 620 P Charts Etc. (Reprint London 1938 Edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120603001

14 Trumpp, Ernest Grammar Of The Sindhi Language Compared With The Sanskrit, Prakrit And The Cognate Indian Vernaculars HC., 540 P (Reprint 1872 Edn.) 1986, ISBN 8120601009

15. Maclean, C.D. Manual Of The Administration Of The Madras Presidency - 3vols , ISBN 8120600320 (Set) Vol. 1: Chapters 1-9 Containing: #0266-8 The Principal Articles Of The Manual Arranged So As To (1825) Conform To The Order Of Subjects In The Yearly Presidency Administration Report 31 Cm, 698 P, 36 Maps (Reprint 1885 Edn.) 1987 Vol. 2: Appendices Containing: #0417-2 Articles And Statements, Supplementary Of The Articles In Vol.I Arranged Under General Heads. 31 Cm, 574 P (Reprint 1885 Edn.) 1989 , ISBN 8120602668 Vol. 3: Glossary Of The Madras Presidency: #0033-9 A Classification Of Terminology, A Gazetteer And Economic Dictionary Of The Province And Other Information, The Whole Arranged Alphabetically And Indexed. 31 Cm,1164 P (Reprint 1892 Edn.) 1990 , ISBN 8120600339

16. Max Muller. F. On The Science Of Thought. Three Introductory Lectures *Simplicity Of Language *Identity Of Language And Thought *Simplicity Of Thought HC., 130 P (Reprint Oxford 1887 Edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120604237

17. Narayana C. Rao An Introduction To Dravidian Philology HC., 218 P (Reprint 1929 Edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120601181

18. Seshagiri Sastri Notes On Aryan And Dravidian Philology HC., 304 P (Reprint Madras 1884 Edn.) 1982, ISBN 812060119X

19. Stephen, Thomas Grammatica Da Lingua Concani Composta Pelo Padre Thomaz Estevoe Accresentadpor Outros Padres Da Companhia De Jesus. Segunda Impressaq, Correcta Eammptada: A Que Precide Como Introduccao A Memoria Sobre A Distribuicao Geographica Das Principaes Linguas Da India Por Sir Erskine Perry Eo Snsai O Historica Da Lingua Concani Pelo Editor Joagiq Uim Heliodord Da Cunha Rivara-(In Portuguese) HC., 251 P, (Reprint Nova Goa, 1857 Edn.) 1999

20. Taylor Issac The Alphabet An Account Of The Origin And Development Of Letters - 2 Vols. *The Inventors Of Writing *The Origin Of The Alphabet * Primitive Letters * The Phoenician Alphabet *The Aramean Alphabets * The South Semitic Alphabets * The Greek Alphabet * Alphabets Of Hellenic Ocean * The Iranian Alphabets * Indian Alphabet HC., Vol. 1: 374 P, Vol. 2: 404 P, Illus. (Reprint London 1883 Edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120606949 (Set)

21. Fallon, S.W. An English Hindustani Law And Commercial Dictionary HC., 236 P (Reprint Ajmere 1857 Edn.) 1988, ISBN 812060301X

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