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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


651./NR Saint Hilaire, J. Barthelemy The Buddha and His Religion HC., 384p, (Reprint London 1914 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614658

652./NR saint pierre, de j.h.b. Voyage to the Isle of France, the Isle of Bourbon and the Cape of Good Hope (1768-1771) With observations and refelctions upon nature and mankind HC., 334p, (Reprint London1800 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614348

653. Saldanha Gabriel, De (in Portuguese) Historia De Goa (Politica E Arqueologica) —2 Vols. HC., Vol:1 456p, 32 Illus, Vol 2: 324 p 147 Illus. (Reprint Nova Goa 1925 edn.) 1990, 2001, ISBN 812060590X (Set)

654./NYP Saldanha Jerome, A. Origin and Growth of Konkani, or Goan Communities and Language. HC., - p (Reprint edn.)

655./NR Sanderson,G. F. Thirteen Years Amongst the Wild Beasts of India. Their haunts and habits, from personal observations with an account of the mode of capturing and taming elephants. HC., 388p, 24 plates (Reprint London 1882 edn.) 2000, ISBN 812061464X

656. Santos,Joao Dos Ethiopia Oriental (Part I) Ethiopia Oriental and varia historia da cousas nolaveir do Orient. HC., 480p (Reprint Lisboa 1891edn.)1997, ISBN 812060928X

657. Santos, Joao Dos Ethiopia Oriental (Part II) Ethiopia Oriental and varia historia da cousas nolaveir do Orient. HC., 390p (Reprint Lisboa 1891 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120611020

658. Sarat Chandra, Das Indian Pandits in the Land of Snow HC., 128p (Reprint Calcutta 1893 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120607767

659. Sarkar, B.K. Chinese Religion Through Hindu Eyes A study in the tendencies of Asiatic mentality HC., 364p (Reprint China 1916 edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120604156

660. Sathyanatha Aiyar, R. History of the Nayaks of Madura With an introduction and notes by Krishnaswami Aiyangar. HC., 420p (Reprint, Madras 1923 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120605322

661. Savariroyan (Editor), Pt. The Tamilian Antiquary (1907-1914) 11 Parts (Reprint 1907 edn.) 1986, 2001, ISBN 8120600347 (Set)

662. (T.A. Vol. I Pt.1) Tambi Pillai; Sesha Aiyer The Bharata Land or “Dravidian India”. The Solar & the Lunar races of India-Who are their modern representatives? Ode to Cheraman* Perum Chotru Udiyan Cheralathan * The relation of the Pandavas to the Tamilian Kings* on the words Chera & Kerala. HC., 80p (Reprint 1907 edn.) 1986, 2001

663. (T.A. VOL., 1PT.2) Mudaliar with Introdution by Pillai A Critical Review of the Story of the Ramayana and An acccount of South Indian castes (in Tamil) with an introduction (In English) HC., 78p (Reprint 1908 edn.) 1986, 2001

664. (T.A. VOL. 1 PT.3) Sundaram Pillai, F., Some Mile-Stones The History of Tamil Literature with an introduction by Venkay. The age of Tirujnana Sambandha with a biographical sketch of the author. HC., 80p (Reprint 1909 edn.) 1986, 2001

665. (T.A. VOL. 1 PT.4) Shesha Iyer; K.G.;Pillait.P. Manikkavacagar and his Date, (2) Manikkavacagar and the Early Christians of Malabar HC., 84p (Reprint 1909 edn.) 1986, 2001

666. (T.A. VOL. I PT-5) Senathi Raja, Aiyengar & Others Glimpses of Ancient Dravidians. The Augustan Age of Tamil Literature, The Ten Tamil Idyls and Dravidian Kingdoms HC., 90p (Reprint 1909 edn.) 1986, 2001

667. (T.A. VOL. I PT.6) Pope, G.U. with introduction by Pillai. Pura-Porul “The Objective”. A summarised account of Pura Porul and selections translated from Pura Nanuru HC., 114p. (Reprint 1910 edn.) 1986, 2001

668. (T.A . VOL. I PT.7) Subramania Mudalar & Others Valmiki Ramayana and South Indian Sociology A Critical Review of the Story of the Ramayana. The Ramayana an historical study* studies in the Ramanaya* the geography and ethnology of the poem* The morality of the Ramayana* A review of morality of Ramayana a rejoinder* Sri Valmiki and South India (in Tamil) HC., 112p (Reprint 1910 edn.) 1986, 2001

669. T.A. Vol. I pt. 8) Desi Rengachariar. Kanakasabhai; SaldanaJ.A. Dravidian Kingdom. The conquest of Bengal and Burma by the Tamils* Distribution of races round the Persian Gulf* Representative institutions in Southern India one thousand years ago* Purananuru laments* Serpent worship in India* The ancient Dravidian industries and commerce. HC., 108p (Reprint 1910 edn.) 1986, 2001

670. (T.A. VOL I PT. 9) Desikachariar; Tirumalayya Naidu & Others The Dravidian kingdoms and list of Pandiyan Coins. Music in Ancient India. The origin of the Cranganur, (Kondugolur) Temple* The age of Pattupattu* Heroic mothers of ancient Tamilagam HC., 94p (Reprint 1911 edn.) 1986, 2001

671./NYP (T.A. VOL. I PT. 10) Pope G.U. Tamby Pillai V.J. The origin on the Tamil Vellalas* The poet of the Tamil lands HC., (Reprint 1912 edn.)2001

672. (T.A. VOL. IIPT.1) Tamby Pillai V.J. Savariroyan & Others An Old Tradition Preserved. A Note on the Sangam Periods. The antiquity of Nanjinad and Shenkottah* Sage Pavanandi* critic & teacher* Dravidian coins* The Kural* A chapter from the Kural the Tamils in the epic age (Tamil)* Lanka in the periods Sangam periods* Pandian coins. HC., 114p 4 Plates (Reprint 1913 edn.) 1986, 2001

673. (T.A. VOL. II PT,2) T. Desikachari tamby Pillai, V. & Others The Cholas and their Coinage, The Origin of the Word ‘Arya’. The Canarese war* Tamil proverbs* St. Thomas, the Apostle and India Vibhishanan Buddhi HC., 90p (Reprint 1914 edn.) 2001

674. Scheltema, J.F. Monumental Java With ilustrations and vignettes after drawings of Javanese chandi ornaments HC., 318p, 40 Plates (Reprint Edinburgh 1912 edn.) 1985 ISBN 8120602226

675. Schuyler, M. A Bibliography of the Sanskrit Drama HC., 112p (Reprint Siam 1906 edn.) 1977, 1991, ISBN 8120600738 676./NR SENAVERATNE JOHN, M Royalty in Ancient Ceylon During the Period of the "Great Dynasty" HC., (Reprint J. Ras (Ceylon) 1918 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614380

677. SENAVERATNE JOHN, M The Story of the Sinhalese From the most ancient times upto the end of "The Mahavansa" or Great Dynasty "Vijaya to Maha Sena, B.C. 543 to A.D. 302" HC., 298p, Illus. (Reprint Colombo 1930 2nd edn. ) 1997 ISBN 812061271X

678./NR SENAVERATNE JOHN M. The Date of Buddha’s Death and Ceylon Chronology HC., 274 p, ( Reprint Colombo) 2000, ISBN 8120614984

679. Sen, SurendraNath Studies in Indian History Historical records at Goa. HC., 266p (Reprint Calcutta1930 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120607732

680. Sesha Iyengar, T.R. Dravidian India HC., 272p (Reprint Madras 1925 edn.) 1982, 1989, 1995, ISBN 8120601351

681. Seshagiri, Sastri.M Notes on Aryan and Dravidian Philology HC., 304p (Reprint Madras 1884 edn.) 1982, ISBN 812060119X

682. Sewell, Robert A Forgotten Empire (Vijayanagar) HC., 448p, Maps, 16 plates (Reprint London 1900 edn.) 1982, 2000 ISBN 8120601254

683. Sewell, Robert India before the English HC., 40p (Reprint 1898 edn.) 1987, 2001, ISBN 8120601289

684. Sewell, Robert The Historical Inscriptions of Southern India Collected till 1923, and outlines of political history. HC., 460p, 1 Map (Reprint Madras 1932 edn.) 1983, ISBN 8120601270

685. Sewell, Robert The Siddhantas and the Indian Calendar. Being a continuation of the author's Indian chronography, with an article by the late Dr. J.F. Fleet on the mean place of the planet Saturn. HC., 628p, (Reprint Calcutta 1924 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120603648

686. Sharpe, E. An Eight Hundred Year Old Book of Indian Medicine and Formulas HC., 136p (Reprint Worcester 1936 edn.) 1979, 1985, 1992 ISBN 8120602536

687. Sherring, Charles Western Tibet and the British Border Land, The sacred country of Hindu & Budhits. With an account of the government, religion and customs of its people. HC., 392p, plates, Illus. (Reprint London 1906 edn.) 1993, 1997 ISBN 8120608542

688. Shungoonny Menon, P. History of Travancore from the Earliest Times HC., 540p, 54 Plates (Reprint 1878 edn.) 1985, 1997, ISBN 8120601696

689. Simon, Casie Chitty The Castes, Customs, Manners and Literature of the Tamils ( HC., 148p, (Reprint Colombo 1934 edn.) 1988, 1992, ISBN 8120604091

690. Simon, Casie Chitty The Tamil Plutarch A summary of the lives of the poets and poetesses of Southern India and Ceylon; from the earliest to the present times. HC., 144p (Reprint of 2nd Revised 1859 edn.) 1982, ISBN 812060024X

691./NYP simson, frank b. Letters on Sports in Eastern Bengal HC., 256p, 10pl, (Reprint London1886 edn.), ISBN 8120614453

692. Simpson, William The Buddhist Praying Wheel A collection of material bearing upon the symbolism of the wheel and circular movements in custom and religious rituals. HC., 312p, 48 Illus, (Reprint London 1896 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120606477

693. Singh, Bhagat Lakshman A Short Sketch of the Life and Work of Guru Govind Singh, the Tenth and the Last Guru of the Sikhs HC., 204p (Reprint Lahore1909 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120695764

694. Sirr, H.C. Ceylon and the Cingalese- 2 Vols. Their history, government and religion, the antiquities, institution, produce, revenue and capabilities of the island. With anecdotes illustrating the manners and customs of the people HC., Vol. 1: xvii, 382p, Maps & Illus. ,Vol. 2: xvi, 368 p, illus. (Reprint London 1850 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120605179 (Set)

695. Sivaraja, Pillai Agastya in the Tamil Land HC., 98p (Reprint edn.) 1985, ISBN 8120601424

696. Sivaraja, Pillai The Chronology of the Early Tamils Based on the synchronistic tables of their kings, chieftains and poets appearing in the Sangam literature. HC., 308p,1 Chart (Reprint Madras 1932 edn.) 1984, ISBN 8120600304

697./NR siva Rao, D.V. History of British India (Telugu) HC., 468p (Reprint 1938 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614801

698. Skeen, william Adam's Peak. Legendary, traditional and historic notices of the Samanala and Sripada. With a descriptive account of the pilgrims route from Colombo to the sacred foot print. HC., 408p, Plates, Illus. (Reprint Colombo 1870 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120612345

699. Skinner, Thomas Fifty Years in Ceylon,1818-68. An autobiography by the late Major Thomas Skinner. Edited by his daughter Annie Skinner with a preface by Monnier Williams HC., 327p, (Reprint London 1891 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610725

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