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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


601. Queyroz, Fernao De The Temporal and Spiritual Conquest of Ceylon- 3 Vols Sixteenth & seventeenth century account of Ceylon. Translated from Portuguese by Fr. S.C. Perera. HC., 1274p, Plate (Reprint Colombo 1930 edn.) 1982, ISBN 8120607643 (Set)

602. Raghubir, Sinh Malwa in Transition A century of anarchy, the first phase -1698-1765. With a foreword by Sir. Jadunath Sarkar 22 cm, 412p, Maps (Reprint Bombay 1936 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120607503

603. RajaGopala, Rao.T A Historical Sketch of Telugu Literature HC., 166p (Reprint Madras 1933 edn.) 1984, ISBN 8120600460

604. Ram Babu, Saksena A History of Urdu Literature HC., 390p (Reprint Allahabad 1927 edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120606167

605. Ramakrishnamacharyalu Amarakosham and Guru Bala Prabodhika HC., 560p, (Reprint Chennapattanam edn.) 2000, ISBN 812061481X

606. Ramaswami Aiyar, M.S. Thiagaraja-A Great Musician Saint (With Sargam Notation) HC., 250p (Reprint Coimbatore 1927 edn.) 1986, 2001, ISBN 812060248X

607. Rangacharya V. A Topographical List of the Inscriptions of the Madras Presidency - 3 Vols Collected till 1915 with notes and references HC., 2088p, (Reprint Ooty 1917 edn.) 1985, ISBN 8120601300 (Set)

608. Rapson , E.J. Catalogue of the Coins of the Andhra Dynasty. The Westerm Ksatrapas, the Traikutaka dynasty and the Bodhi dynasty HC., 476p, 21 Plates, 2 Map (Reprint Cambridge1908 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120605225

609. Rapson, E.j. Ancient India From the earliest times to the first century A.D. HC., 210p, 6Plates, 2 Maps (Reprint Cambridge 1916 edn.) 1995 ISBN 8120611071

610. Rasanayagam M.C. Ancient Jaffna Being a research into the history of Jaffna, from very early times to the Portuguese period HC., 474p, 10 Plates (Repint 1926 edn.) 1984, 1993, ISBN 8120602102

611. Rasanayagam , M.C. History of Jaffna (In Tamil) HC., 272p (Reprint Jaffna 1933 edn.) 1986, 1997, ISBN 8120602110

612. ravenstien, e.g. A Journal of the First Voyage of Vasco Da Gama (1497-1499) With introduction and bibliography by Jose Mannuel Garcia in Portguese. English translation by Teotonio R. D'Souza HC., 284p, 8Maps, Illus (Reprint London 1898 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120611365

613./NR rawlinson, h.g. Indian Historical Studies Gautama Buddha,*Asoka,*Indo Greek dynasties of the Punjab *Chinese Pilgrims in India, *Ibn Battuta *Akbar, Shivaji the Maratha Robert Knox *Ranjit Singh and the Sikh nation *Foreign influence in the civilization of ancient India. HC., xvi, 229p, 7 Pl., Map (Reprint London Longmen Green 1913 edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX

614./nr rawlinson, h.g. Intercourse Between India and the Western World From the earliest times to fall of Rome, to the fall of Babylon* the Persian period,* Herodotus.* The Maurya empire Magasthanese. Grece and some Greek dynasties of the Punjab* the Ptolmies.* Indian and the Roman empire.* The effects of the intercourse between India and the West.* HC., 196p, 4 Plates Map (Reprint London 1916 edn.) 2001

615./NYP Rawlinson, h.g. Bactria: The History of a Forgotten Empire -(Afghanistan) HC., 170p, 3 Plates, 2 Maps (Reprint London 1912 edn.)

616. Rea, Alexander Monumental Remains of the Dutch East India Company in the PREsidency of Madras. Reprint of the Archaeological Survey of India, New Imperial Series, vol. xxv HC., 80p, 63 Plates (Reprint Madras 1897 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613163

617. Rea , Alexander Pallava Architecture HC., 50p, 124 Plates (Reprint Madras 1909 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610075

618. Rea , Alexander South Indian Buddhist Antiquities. Including the stups of Bhattiprolu, Gudivada and Ghanta Sala and other ancient sites in the Krishna district of the Madras Presidency. With notes on dome construction, Andhra numismatics, and marble sculpture. HC., 64p, 47 Plates (Reprint Bangalore 1892 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120605128

619. Reid, Dom The Story of Fort St. George with Illustrations HC., 84p, illus., Map (Reprint edn.) 1999, ISBN 812060556X

620. Renaudot eusebius /two mohammedan travellers Silsilat Al Tawarikh: Ancient Account of India and China By Two Mohammedan Travellers (Abu Zeidal Hasan) Who went to these parts in the 9th century. Translated from the Arabic by Eusebius Renaudot; with notes and illustrations and inquiries HC., 260p, xii, Map (Reprint London 1733 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610210

621. rhys davids, t.w. Buddhist Birth - Stories (Jataka Tales) The commercial introduction entitled Nidana-Katha-The Story of the Lineage-translated from Prof. V. Fausboll's edition of the Pali text by T.W. Rhys Davids. HC., 272 P (Reprint London edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120613457

622./nr Rhys Davids,t.w. Buddhism: Its History and Literature HC., 230p, (Reprint New York 1909 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614445

623./NYP Rhys Davids, T.W. Buddhist India (Story of Nations Series) HC., 332 p, 56 Illu., 1 map (Reprint London 1903 edn.)

624./nr Rhys Davids, t.w. Buddhism : Being A Sketch of the Life and Teachings of Gautama the Buddha (Non-Christian Religious Serious) HC., 252p, 1 map, (Reprint London edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614798

625./nr Rhys Davids t.w. Buddhism : A Study of the Buddhism Norm HC., 256p, (Reprint London edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614933

626 Rhys Davids, T.W. The Questions of King Milinda-- 2 Parts (S.b.e. Vol #35 & 36) HC., 128p (Reprint 1921 edn.) 1982, ISBN 81206XXXXX

627./NYP Rhys Davids The Birth of Indian Psychology and its Development HC., 444p (Reprint 1936 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120610970

628. Rhys Davids On the Ancient Coins and Measures of Ceylon With a discussion of the Ceylon date of the Buddha's death HC., 70p, plate (Reprint London 1877 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611888

629./NR Rhys Davids, C.A.F Stories of the Buddha Being selections from the Jataka HC., 272p, 1 plates (Reprint London 1929 edn.) 2000, ISBN 812061450X

630. ribeiro joao, (capt) p.e. pieris The Historic Tragedy of the Island of Ceilao Translated from the Portuguese by P.E. Pieris. HC., 266p (Reprint Colombo 1909 edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120613341

631. Rice, B.L. Mysore and Coorg-From the Inscriptions (500) HC., 258 p (Reprint 1908 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120600649 632./NYP Rice, B.L. Native Life in Southern India HC., - p (Reprint edn.) 2000

633./NR Rice, B.L. Gazetteer of Mysore-2 Vols. Vol. 1: Mysore in general Vol. 2: Mysore by district HC., Vol. 1: 858p, 8 Maps & Pl. (Reprint London 1897 2nd edn.) 1999 Vol. 2: 596p, Maps(Reprint London 1897 2nd edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120609778 (Set)

634./NR Rice, B.L. Gazetteer of Coorg HC., - p (Reprint First edn.) 2001

635. Rice, e.p. A History of Kannada Literature HC., 128p (Reprint 1915 edn.) 1982, ISBN 812060630

636. Rice, Lewis Nagavarmma’s Karnataka Bhasha Bhushana HC., 164p (Reprint Bangalore 1884 edn.) 1985, ISBN 8120600622

637. RIJNHART, SUSIE CARSON With the Tibetans in Tent and Temple Narrative of a four years residence on the Tibetan border, and of a journey into the far interior (1895-1899) HC., 406p, 14 Illus. (Reprint 4th Edinburgh 1904 edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120613023

638. RISLEY, HERBERT The People of India Second edition edited by W.Crooke HC., 512p, 35 Illus., 1 Col. Map (Reprint Lonond 1915 edn.) 1999 ISBN 812061655

639. Rivara, Da Cunha j.h. (in Portuguese) A Conjurcao De 1787 Em Goa Evarias cousas desse tempos memoria historica HC., 188p (Reprint Nova-Goa 1875 edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120606043

640. Rivara, Da Cunha J.H. (in Portuguese) Archivo Portuguez Oriental 6 Fasciculos Em 10 Partes HC., Fasciculo i Parte 1: 160p (Reprint Goa 1877 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo i Parte 2: 272 (Repring Goa 1877 edn) 1992 HC., Fasciculo ii: 310p (Reprint Goa 1865 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo iii: 976p (Reprint Goa 1861 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo iv: 570p (Reprint Goa 1862 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo v: Parte 1: 472p (Reprint Goa 1857 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo v: Parte 2: 486p (ReprintGoa 1865 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo v: Part 3 : 780p (Reprint Goa 1866 edn.) 1992 HC., Fasciculo vi: Primeiro & Segundo, 608p (Reprint Goa1875 edn.) 1992 Fasciculo 6 Supplements: HC., 608p (Reprint Goa 1875 edn.) 1992 Complete SET ISBN 8120607775 (Set)

641./NYP ROBERT, FIELD MARSHAL Forty-One Years in India From Subaltern to Commander-in-Chief HC., 602p, 44 Illus. Map, (Reprint London 1896 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120612620

642. Rockhill, W.W., Land of the Lamas Notes of a journey through China, Mongolia and Tibet in 1888 and 1889. HC., 408p, Illus., Maps (Reprint London 1891 edn.) 1988, 1997, ISBN 8120603540

643. Rockhill, W.W. The Life of Buddha and the Early History of His Order Derived from Tibetan works in the Bkah-Hgyur and Bstan-Hgyur. HC., 288p, (Reprint London 1884 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120607481

644. rockhill, w. w. The Journey of William Of Rubruck to the Eastern Parts of the World-1253-1255, As narrated by himself; with two accounts of the earlier journey of John of Pian De Carpine. HC., 304p (Reprint London 1900 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613384

645. Rodgers Charles, J. Coins Collecting in North India HC., viii, 136p, 6 plates (Reprint Allahabad 1894 edn.) 1997 ISBN 8120612388

646. Roe thomas & John Fryer Travels in India in the 17th Century HC., 475p (Reprint London 1873 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120608674

647. RoepstoRff Vocabulary of Dialects Spoken in the Nicobar & Andaman Isles. With a short account of the natives, their customs and habits and of previous attempts at colonisation HC., 114p (Reprint 2nd 1875 edn.) 1987, ISBN 8120602749

648./NR Ronaldsha, e. Lands of the Thunderbolt Sikhim, Chumbi & Bhutan HC., 268p, (Reprint London, 1923 edn) 2000, ISBN 8120615042

649. Russell, R.V. & Hira lal The Tribes and Castes of the Central Provinces of India -4 Vols. HC., Vol. 1: 450p, 30 illus. 3 Maps (Reprint London 1916 edn.) 1996 Vol. 2: A-F 560p, 34 Plates (Reprint London 1916 edn.) 1996 Vol. 3: G-K: , 589p, 32 Plates (Reprint London 1916 edn.) 1996 Vol. 4: K-W: 618p, 31 Plates (Reprint London 1916 edn.) 1996, ISBN 812060833X (Set)

650. Ryley /Fitch, Ralph /Horton, J. Ralph Fitch England's Pioneers to India and Burma His companions and contemporaries, with his remarkable narrative told in his own words. HC., 264p, 19 illus. (Reprint London 1899 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613244

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