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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


550./NYP oldfield, h.a. Sketches from Nipal: Historical and Descriptive - 2 Vols. With ancedotes of the court life and wild sports of the country in the Maharaja Jang Bahadur who which added an essay on Nipalese buildings, illustrations of religion, monuments, architecture and scenary HC., Illus., p (Reprint 1880 edn.) 2001 (Set)

551. Oldham, C.F. The Sun and the Serpent A contribution to the history of serpent worship. HC., 208p, 33 Illus (Reprint 1905 edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120604164

552. Oliphant, Laurence A Journey to Kathmandu With the camp of Jung Bahadur. Starting in Ceylon and proceeding through India in the year 1851. HC., 221p, Map (Reprint London 1852 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120609417

553. Oman, J.C. The Great Indian Epics The stories of Ramayana and the Mahabharata with notes appendices and illustrations HC., 232p, 8 Plates (Reprint London 1894 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120609948

554. Ovington, J. A Voyage to Surat in the Year 1689. Giving a large account of the city and its inhabitants and of the English factory there. With a foreword by H.G. Rawlinson HC., 353p, 2 Maps 4 Illus. (Reprint London 1929 edn.) 1994, ISBN 812060945X

555./NYP Padfield The Hindus at Home, being sketches of Hindu Daily Life HC., 308p, Plates (Reprint 1896 edn.), ISBN 8120602722

556. Padmanabha Menon , K.P. History of Kerala -4 Vols A history of Kerala written in the from of notes on Visscher's letters from Malabar. Edited by Sahithyakusalant and K. Krishna Menon. Vol.1: 588p, 24 Plates,1982, 1989 -812060165-3 Vol.2: 602p, 12 Plates, 1983,1993 - 81206 0166-1 Vol.3: 730p, 50 Plates, 1993 - 812060167-X Vol.4: 584p, 4 Plates, 1986 - 812060168-8, HC., (REPRINT EDN.) ISBN 8120601645 (Set) V 557. Paes & Nuniz The Vijayanagar Empire:Chronicles of Domingos Paes And Nuniz Written about A.D. 1520 to 1522 and A.D. 1535 to 1537 respectively HC., 182p (Reprint edn.) 1991, 2000, ISBN 8120606841

558./NYP PARASNIS, D. B. Poona in Bygone Days With preface by C.A. Kincaid HC., 136p, 12 Plates (Reprint Bombay 1921 edn.)

559. Panikkar, T.K.G. Malabar and its Folk With an introduction by Rev. F.W. Kellett HC., 282p (Reprint 1900 edn.) 1983, 1995, ISBN 812060170X

560. Parker, H. Ancient Ceylon HC., 696 p,16 pl, Illus, (Reprint 1909 edn.) 1984, 1999, ISBN 8120602080

561. Parker, H. Village Folk-Tales of Ceylon -3 Vols. HC., Vol.1 : 382p (Reprint Srilanka 1910 edn.) 1997 Vol.2 : 22 cm, 438p, (Reprint Srilanka 1910 edn.) 1997 Vol.3 : 22 cm, 450p, (Reprint Srilanka 1910 edn.) 1997 8120611640 (Set)

562. Patra, B. The Mysteries of Nature The science of breath. Yogic breathing exercises HC., 158p (Reprint Calcutta 1924 edn.) 1992 8120607376

563.op pavgee, n.b. Self Government in India Vedic and Post- Vedic HC., 590p (Reprint Poona 1918 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120602277

564. Penrice, J. A Dictionary and Glossary of the Koran With copious grammatical references & explanations of the text HC., 170p (Reprint London 1873 edn.) 1995, ISBN 812061142X

565. percival Tamil Proverbs With their English translation containing upwards of six thousand proverbs HC., 574 p (Reprint Madras 1874 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120609980

566. Percival, R. Account of the Island of Ceylon Containing its history, geography, natural history, manners and customs of its various inhabitants (1797-1800) HC., 420p, Map, Charts (Reprint London 1803 edn.) 1990 ISBN 8120605632

567. Pereira A.B. De braganca (In Portuguese) Ethnografia Da India Portuguesa-2 Vols. (1200) HC., Vol.1: As Civilizacoes da India introducao 308p, 32 illus. Vol.2: 340p, 147 Illus, (Reprint Portugal 1940 edn.) 1991 ISBN 812060640X (Set)

568. Perry, Erskine Cases Illustrative of Oriental Life The application of English Law to India, decided in H.M. Supreme Court, at Bombay HC., 620p (Reprint London 1853 edn.)1988, ISBN 8120603680

569./nr Pfl e iDe Rer, Glimpses into the Life of Indian Plants An elementary Indian botany HC., 206p, 175 illu., 8 col.Plates(Reprint Manglore 1908 edn.) 2000 ISBN 8120610687

570. PIERIS, P.E Ceylon and the Hollanders (1658-1790) HC., 120p, (Reprint 3rd edn. Colombo) 1998, ISBN 8120613430

571./NYP PIERIS, P.E Ceylon - The Portuguese Era-2 Vols. Being a history of that Island for the period 1505 - 1658 HC., 1250p, Maps & Illus. (Reprint London,1913-16 edn) ISBN 81206XXXXX

572. PIERIS, P.E Ceylon and the Portuguese-1505-1658 HC., 314p, 1 Maps & Illus. (Reprint Tellippalai, 1920.edn) 1999 ISBN 8120613724

573. phear b. john The Aryan Village in India and Ceylon HC., 354p (Reprint London 1880 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120611411

574. Pieris, p.e The Kingdom of Jafanapatam 1645. Being an account of its administrative organisation as derived from the Portuguese archives HC., 80p (Reprint Ceylon 1920 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610288

575. Pieris, p.e. The Prince Vijaya Pala of Ceylon 1634-1654 From the original documents at Lisbon HC., 78p, (Reprint Colombo 1927 edn.) 1995, ISBN 812061139X

576. Pires Tome; Cortesao, Armando The Suma Oriental of Tome Pires (1512-1515) -2 Vols An account of the east from the Red Sea to Japan. Written in Malacca and India from 1512 to1515; and the book of Francisco Rodrigues. Rutter of a voyage in the Red Sea, nautical rules, almanack and maps. Written and drawn in the East before 1515. HC., Vol. 1: xvi, 230p ,27 Plates and Maps Vol. 2: 352p, 15 Plates & Map (Reprint London 1944 edn.) 1990 ISBN 8120605357 (Set)

577./NYP playne/wright/somerset Southern India Its people, commerce and natural resources(20th Century Impressions Sr.) compiled by Somerset Playne, assisted by E.W. Bond, edited by Arnold Wright) HC., 766p, Numerou, Illus. (Reprint London 1914 edn.) 2001 ISBN 8120613449

578./NR Pole, John Ceylon-Stone Implements HC., 70p, 5 col.plates, 5 B/W Plates (Reprint Calcutta 1913 edn.) 2001 ISBN 8120614518

579. Pope Ethel, M. India in Portuguese Literature HC., 318p (Reprint 1937 edn.) 1989, 1987, ISBN 8120604962

580.OP Pope, G.U. A Text Book of Indian History HC., 580p, Maps (Reprint 1880 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120602870

581. Pope, G.U. The Sacred Kurral of Tiruvaluva Nayanar (575) With introduction, grammar, translation, notes, lexicon and concordance in which are reprinted Fr. Beschi's and F.W.Ellis' versions HC., 456p (Reprint Oxford 1886 edn.) 1980, 1995, 1999, ISBN 8120600215

582. Pope, G.U. The Naladiyar of Four Hundred Quatrains in Tamil; With an introduction and critical notes, philological and explanatory; to which is added a concordance and lexicon HC., 494p (Reprint Oxford 1893 edn.) 1984, 1998, ISBN 8120600231

583. Pope, G.U. The Tiruvacagam Or, Sacred Utterances of the Tamil Poet, Saint and Sage Manikka-Va-Cagar. The Tamil text of the fifty one poems with English translation introduction and notes, with Tamil lexicon and concordance HC., 540p (Reprint Oxford 1900 edn.) 1995, ISBN 812060315X

584. Pope, G.U. Tamil Poetical Anthology With Grammatical Notes and a Vocabulary HC., 220p (Reprint Madras 1859 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120609972

585./NYP Popley, H. The Music of India HC., 184p, 12 Plates Notations (Reprint 1912 edn.) 2001 ISBN 8120603494

586. Portman, M.V. History of Our Relations with Andamanese - 2 Vols Compiled from history and travels and from the records of the Government of India HC., 900p (Reprint Calcutta 1899 edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120606086 (Set)

587./NYP Postans Cutch or Random Sketches Taken during a residence in one of the northern provinces of Western India. Interspersed with legends and traditions. HC., 283p,15 plates, colour & B/W Map (Reprint London 1839 edn.) 2001

588./NYP Postan, j Personal Observations on Sindh HC., 402p, 14 Illus. & Maps, (Reprint London 1845 edn.) 2001 ISBN 81206XXXXX

589./NYP Pottinger, Richard Travels through Sind, Baluchistan and Punjab HC., - p (Reprint edn.)

590./NR Pratt, A.E. To the Snows of Tibet and China -Travels in Central Asia HC., 268p, 33 Plates, Maps (Reprint London1892 edn.) 2001 ISBN 8120612329

591. PraTt Bisset, James The Pilgrimage of Buddhism and a Buddhist Pilgrimage HC., 774p (Reprint London 1928 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611969

592. PrejevalSky, N Mongolia, The Tangut Country and the Solitudes of Northern Tibet - 2 Vols Being a narrative of three years travel, 1870-73, in eastern high Asia. With introduction and notes by Henry Yule (Translated by Delmar Morgan) HC., Vol. 1: 340p, 10 Illus. & MapVol.2: 332p, 14 Illus, (Reprint London 1876 edn.)1991, ISBN 8120606809

593./NR PRICE SIR FREDERICK Ootacamund-A History Compiled for The Government of Madras HC., Folio ,300 p, 29 colour illustrations (Reprint Madras 1908 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120615131

594. PRIMROSE, A.J. A Manipuri Grammar, Vocabulary and Phrase Book to which are added some Manipuri proverbs and specimens of Manipuri correspondence HC., 112 p ( Reprint Shillong 1988 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610253

595. Prinsep, James Prinsepís Essays on Indian Antiquities Historic Numismatics and Palaeography - 2 Vols To which are added his useful tables illustrative of Indian history, chronology, modern coinages, and additional matter by Edward Thomas. With 96 plates. HC., Vol i, viii, 435p , 35 plates and Vol ii, xii, 336p, 17 plates (Reprint London 1858 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610369 (Set)

596. Purnalingam pillai, M.S. Ravana: The Great King of Lanka HC., 102p, Map (Reprint Tinnevelly 1928 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120605470

597. Purnalingam Pillai, M.S. Tamil Literature HC., 448p (Reprint revised 1929 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120609557

598./NYP Purnalingam Pillai, M.S. . Critical Studies in Kurral HC., 90p (Reprint 1929 edn.)

599./NR Pyrard Francois De, Laval The Voyage of Francois Pyrard of Laval - 2 Vols - 3 parts To the East Indies, the Maladives, the Molucas and Brazil translated into English from the third French edition and edited by Albert Grey assisted by H.C.P. Bell HC., Vol I: lx, 452pp, Illus., Map (Reprint London 1887edn.) Vol. II Pt. I : xlviii, 288pp, Illus. (Reprint London 1888 edn.) 2000 ISBN 8120615190 2400 Vol. II Pt. II : xii, 284, Illus., chart (Reprint London 1890 edn.) 2000 (Set)

600. Pyrard francois, laVal Description of Maldives As it appears in Parchas pilgrimages Vol-9. Translated by Albert Grey HC., 73p, (Reprint edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120612515

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