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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


500./NR Mcgovern, William M. To Lhasa in Disguise A secret expedition through mysterious Tibet HC., 462p, 13 plates (Reprint U.S.A 1924) 2000, ISBN 8120614569

501./NYP megovern, william A Manual of Buddhist Philosophy HC., (Reprint edn.), ISBN 8120612450

502. Mendes, A Lopes (in Portuguese) A India Portugueza - 2 Vols Breve descripcao das possessoes Portuguezas na Asia HC., Vol.1: 310p, Vol. 2: 325p, Illustrados com 382 gravurase,7 Maps (Reprint Lisbon 1886 edn.) 1989, 1997, ISBN 8120604717 (Set)

503. Mendis, g.c. The Early History of Ceylon HC., 120p, 16 Plates, 3 Maps, (Reprint Ceylon 1932 edn.) 1985, 1992, 1998, ISBN 8120602099

504. Mesrovb, Jacob Seth Armenians in India. From the earliest times to the present day; a work of original research. Armenians at Agra, Gwalior, Fathepur Sikri, Lahore, Kabul, Surat, Bombay, Chinsurah, Chandernagore, Saidabad, Delhi, Monghyr, Calcutta, Lucknow, Dacca, Madras, and other places. HC. 648p (Reprint Calcutta 1937 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120608127

505. Michaud, J. and Menon History of Mysore under Hyder Ali and Tippoo Sultan Translated from the French by V.K.R. Menon HC., 290p (Reprint 1924 edn.) 1985, ISBN 8120601742

506. Mitchell, J.M. Hinduism: Past and Present HC., 300p (Reprint London 1885 edn.) 1989, 2000, ISBN 8120603389

507. Mitchell, J. M. & Muir William Two Old Faiths Essays on the religions of the Hindus and the Mohamadans HC., 156p, (Reprint NewYork 1891 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120611608

508. Mitra Rajendralala Account of the Temple of Jagannath, ‘‘Lord of the World at Puri’’ The most sacred Hindu temple in India. Compiled from Mitra's antiquities of Orissa; Hunter's Gazetteer of India; Sterling's Orissa etc. HC., 42p (Reprint Madras 1895 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611764

509. fr. Monserrate The Commentary of Father Monserrate on his Journey to the Court of Akbar in the Year 1580. Translated from the original Latin by J.S. Hoyland HC., 304p, (Reprint London 1922 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120608070

510. Moore, Charles. The North West Under Three Flags (1635-1796) HC., 430p, 56Plates, 5Maps (Reprint London 1900 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120611535

511. Moor, Edward The Hindu Pantheon Court of all the Hindu Gods 25 cm, 484p, 105 plates (Reprint 1810 edn.) 1981, 2000 ISBN 8120602374

512./NYP Moorcroft, W. A Journey to Lake Mansarovara. In Un-Des, a province of Little Tibet. HC., 260p (Reprint Asiatic Researches Vol. xii, London edn.), ISBN 81206XXXXX

513. Moorcroft, w. /trebec. g Travels in India, Himalayan Provinces of Hindustan-2 Vols. In Punjab, Ladakh and Kashmir; in Peshawar, Kabul, Kunduz and Bokhara; from 1819 to 1825. (edited by Wilson h.h.) HC., Vol. 1 520p, Illu. Vol. 2 510p, Illus. (Reprint London 1837 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120604970 (Set)

514./NYP Mootootamby Pillay. A Jaffna History (in Tamil) HC., 170p, (Reprint Jaffna, 1915) 2000, ISBN 8120615115

515. Moraes, M. George Kadamba Kula: A History of Ancient and Medieval Karnataka HC., 528p, 56 Illus, 3 Chart, 4 Map (Reprint Bombay 1931 edn.) 1990 ISBN 8120605950

516. Moraes, M. George Mangalore: A Historical Sketch Foreword by Rev. Heras. H HC., 108p, Map (Reprint Mangalore 1927 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120605780

517./NYP Muirhead J, T. Brother Ceylon HC., (Reprint London, 1934 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120614399

518. Mouat, F.J. Rough Notes: A Trip to Reunion Mauritius & Ceylon in the Year 1851 HC., 148p, Illus. Map (Reprint 1852 edn.) 1984, 1997, ISBN 8120602218

519. Mukherjee, Prabhat The History of Medieval Vaishnavism in Orissa HC., 214p (Reprint edn.) 1981, ISBN 8120602293

520. Muller, E. Ancient Inscriptions in Ceylon-2 Vols. HC., Vol. I-224p, Vol,II 55 Plates (Reprint London 1883 edn.) 1984 ISBN 8120602137 (Set)

521. Mundy, Gen. g.c. Journal of a tour in India in 1827 Mundy's Pen and Pencil Sketches in India with many illustrations. HC., 367p, 26 Illus, 1Map (Reprint 3rd London 1858 edn. ) 1995, ISBN 8120610415

522. Murdoch, J. Hindu and Muhammadan Festivals. Compiled from Wilson, Wilkins, Crooke, Sell, Hughes and other writers HC., 92p (Reprint Madras 1904 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120607082

523. Murdoch, J. The Mahabharata. An English abridgment with introduction, notes and a review HC., 164p, (Reprint 1898 edn.) 1986, 1987, 2001, ISBN 8120602455

524. Nagam Aiya, V. The Travancore State Manual -3 Vols. HC., ,Vol.1: 678p, 32 Pl. & Illus (Reprint Trivandrum 1906 edn.) 1989 Vol.2: 588p, 15 Pl. & Illus (Reprint Trivandrum 1906 edn.) 1989 Vol.3: 700 p, 14 Pl. & Illus (Reprint Trivandrum 1906 edn.) 1989 ISBN 8120603257 (Set)

525. Nairne, Kyd, A.. History of the Konkan HC., 143p (Reprint Bombay 1894 edn.) 1988, 2001, ISBN 8120602757

526. Nallasami Pillai, J.m. ; Raman V.V. Siddhanta Deepika or, The Light of Truth-14 Vols. A monthly journal devoted to religion, philosophy, literature, science etc.(Reprint edn.) 1994 Vol. i: June 1897-May 1898 (288p), Vol. vii: April 1906-Mar 1907 (452p) Vol. ii: June 1898-May 1899 (290p), Vol. viii: April 1907-Mar 1908 ( 432p), Vol. iii: June 1899-May 1900 (254p) Vol. ix: July 1908-June 1909 (366p), Vol. iv: June 1900-May 1901 (284p) Vol.x: July 1909-June 1910 (540p), Vol. v: June 1901-May 1902 (212p) Vol. xi: July 1910-June 1911 (548p) , Vol. vi: June 1902-May 1903 (184p) Vol. xii: July 1911-June 1912 (552p), Vol. xiii: July 1912-June 1913 (582p), Vol. xiv: July 1913-June 1914 (238p), HC., (REPRINT), ISBN 8120608844 (Set)

527. Narada, Thera The Buddha-Dhamma or, The Life and Teachings of the Buddha HC., 356p (Reprint 1942 edn.) 1991, 1999, ISBN 8120605403

528. Narasimhacharya, R History of Kannada Language (Readership Lectures) HC., 184p (Reprint Bangalore 1934 edn.), ISBN 8120605594

529. Narasimhacharya, R History of Kannada Literature (Readership Lectures) HC., 92p (Reprint 1934 edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120603036

530. Narasimhacharya, R Nagavarmma’s Kavyavalokanam. A standard Kannada work on poetics of the 12th century, and Nagavarma's Karnataka Bhasha-Bhushanam. A Kannada grammar in Sanskrit Sutras, expanding S'abdasmriti, the first chapter of Kavyavalokanam. HC., 381p (Reprint Bangalore 1903 revised edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120612523

531. NARASINGA, RAO A Handbook of Kannada Proverbs. With English equivalents HC., 88 p (Reprint 2nd edn. 1912, Mangalore.) 1988, 1994 ISBN 8120603176

532. Narasu, P. Lakshmi A Study of Caste. HC.172p, (Reprint Madras 1922 edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120604113

533. Narasu, P. Lakshmi The Essence of Buddhism With an introduction by Anagarika H. Dharmpala HC., 232p (Reprint Madras 1907 edn.) 1985, 1993, ISBN 812060220X

534. Narayan, Aiyangar Essays on Indo-Aryan Mythology-vol. I HC., 656p (Reprint Bangalore 1901 edn.) 1987, ISBN 8120601408

535./NYP Narayan, Aiyangar Essays on Indo-Aryan Mythology-vol. II HC., (Reprint Bangalore 1901 edn.) 2001

536. NARAYANA, C. RAO An Introduction to Dravidian Philology HC., 218p (Reprint Madras 1929 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120601181

537. PT. Natesa Sastri And Kingscote Folklore of Southern India or, Tales of the Sun HC. 320p (Reprint 1890 edn.) 1984,1991, ISBN 8120601394

538. PT. Natesa, Sastri Hindu Feasts, Fasts and Ceremonies HC., 164p, Plates (Reprint 1902 3rd edn.) 1988, 2001 ISBN 8120604024

539./NYP PT. Natesa, Sastri The Dravidian Nights Entertainments HC., -p (Reprint of Revised edn.)

540./NR nateson, m. s Pre Musalman India - A History of the Mother Land Prior to the Sultanate of Delhi HC., 164p (Reprint 1917 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120615298

541. Nelson, J.H. The Madura Country-A Manual 5 Parts in One Volume HC., 980p, charts (Reprint Madras 1868 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120604245

542. Nelson, J.H. The Political History of the Madura Country Ancient and modern (Part 3 of Nelson's: The Madura Country -A manual) HC., 300p (Reprint Madras 1868 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120604253

543. Neogi, D.N. Sacred Tales of India HC., 140p, 4 Plates (Reprint London 1916 edn.) 1991 ISBN 8120606434

544. Nevius, John L. China and the Chinese. A general description of the country and its inhabitants; its civilization and form of government; its religious and social institutions; its intercourse with other nations; and its present condition and prospects. HC., 456 p, 50 Illus. 1 map (Reprint London 1869 edn.) 1991 ISBN 8120606906

545./NYP Nieuhoff, j. Voyages and Travels into Brasil and the East-indies Containing an exact description of the Dutch Brasil and other parts of the East-Indies; Their provinces, cities, living creatures and products. The customs, manners habits and religion of the inhabitants with a most particular account of all the remarkable passages that happened during the author's stay of nine years in Brasil. Especially in relation to the revolt of the Portugueses, and intestine War carried on there from 1640 to 1649. As also a most ample description of the most famous city of Batavia, in the East-Indies. HC., 370p (Reprint London 1703 edn.)

546. Northy, W.B 1329-5 Land of the Gorkhas, Or The Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal HC., 248p,1 Col. Map,67 plates(Reprint Cambridge 1937 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613295

547. Oaten , E.F. European Travellers in India during the 15th, 16th & 17th Centuries. The evidence afforded by them with respect to Indian social institutions and the nature and influence of Indian governments. HC., 290p (Reprint London 1909 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120607104

548. OBEYESEKERe, Donald Outlines of Ceylon History ( HC., 322, Index P ,1 Map(Reprint Colombo 1911 edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120613635

549. Oldenberg , H Dipavamsa - Ancient Buddhist Historical Record HC., 232p (Reprint Berlin 1879 edn.) 1982,1992, 200, ISBN 812060217X

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