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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


350. Hodgson, BrIAN, H. Essays on the Languages, Literature and Religion of Nepal and Tibet HC., 280p, Plates, Illus (Reprint London 1874 edn.) 1991, 2000, ISBN 8120606884

351. Hodgson, BrIAN, H. Miscellaneous Essays Relating to Indian Subjects -2 Vols HC., Vol.1: 408p. Vol.2: 360p. (Reprint London 1880 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120607171 (Set)

352. Hodgson, BRIAN, H. /Hunter, W.W. Life of Brian Houghton Hodson(1800-1894) British resident at the court of Nepal (1820-1839) HC., 390p 8 Illus (Reprint London 1896 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120605667

353. Hoernle, A.F. Rudolf A Comparative Grammar of the Gaudian Languages. With a language map and a table of alphabets HC., 640p (Reprint London 1880 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120607155

354. Holdich Hungerford The Indian Border Land 1880-1900 Episodes in the NWFP, Afghanistan and Baluch highlands. Includes-Afghan War of 1879-80* Waziristan* Russo-Afghan boundary commission* The Durand Boundary* Pamirs and other surrounding areas. HC., 416p, 22 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint London edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611853

355 Holdich, Thomas. H. Tibet the Mysterious HC., 356p, Map, 39 Illus. (Reprint New York 1906 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611462

356./NYP Holdich, Thomas India The "Regions of the World" series; edited by H.J. Mackinder . HC., 375p, 8 Col. Map, 106 Map, diagrams (Reprint London edn.), ISBN 81206XXXXX

357./NYP Holman, J. Travels in Madras, Ceylon, Mauritius, Corodnaro Island, Zanzibar, Calcutta (Vol. iii of the authors "Voyages and Travels around the World") HC., 474p, 6 Plates (Reprint London 2nd edn. 1840), ISBN 81206XXXXX

**358./NR home Select Views in Mysore The Country of Tippoo Sultan from Drawings taken on the spot by Mr. Home with Historical descriptions HC., -p, 29 Plates (Reprint London 1808 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120615123

359. Honigberger, john martin Thirty Five Years in the East (1815-50) Adventures, discoveries, experiments and historical sketches relating to the Punjab and Cashmere in connection with medicine,botany, pharmacy etc. Illustrated with numerous engravings portraits, facsmiles etc. HC., 214p, 16 plates(Reprint London 1852 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610482

360. Hopkins, e.w. The Mutual Relations of the Four Castes according to the Manava Dharma Sastram HC., 120p (Reprint Leipzig 1881 edn.) 1985, ISBN 8120602447

361./NYP Horrowitz., e. A Short History of Indian Literature With an introduction by Prof. T.W. Rhys Davids HC., 188p (Reprint London1907 edn.)

362./NYP Rev. hosten, h. Letters and other papers of Fr. Ippolito Desideri, A Missionary in Tibet (1713-21) Edited and translated by the Rev. H. Hosten HC., ,567-767 (Reprint J.R.A.S.B. letters Vol. IV 1938)

363./OP huc, m. Travels in Tartary Thibet and China -2 Vols. ISBN 8120603966

364. huc, m. Travels in Tartary Thibet and China (Illustrated) -2 Vols. (1200) During the years 1844-5-6. Translated from the French by W. Hazlitt Illustrated with 50 engravings in each volume. HC., Vol. I : xiv, 326p, Vol. II: x, 342p (Reprint Chicago 1898 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613791 (Set)

365. Huc, M. (in French) Souvenirs d’un Voyage dans la Tartarie, le Thibet et la Chine Pendant les Annees 1844, 1845 et 1846 - 2 Vols. HC., Vol.1: 426p Vol.2: 514p (Reprint Paris 1850 edn.) 1992, ISBN 812060802X (Set)

366. Hugel, Baron Charles Travels in Kashmir and the Panjab (1835-36) Containing a particular account of the government and character of the Sikhs. From the German of Baron Charles Hugel. with notes by Major T.B. Jarvis. HC., 424p, 7 Plates (Reprint London 1845 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610474

367. Hughes, patrick. t. A Dictionary of Islam. Being a cyclopedia of the doctrines, rites, ceremonies, and customs. Together with the technical and theological terms of the Muhammadan religion, with numerous illustrations HC., 762p, Illus(Reprint London 1885 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120606728

368./NYP Hunter, W.W. Through Towns and Jungles, Fourteen Thousand Miles. a travel among the temples and people of the Indian plains Hc., 380p 202 illus, Map (Reprint 1904 edn.), ISBN 8120609751

369./TOP Hunter, W.W. From the First European Settlements to the Foundation of the English East Indian Company (History of India Vol . 6 & 7) HC., 350p, 84 illus, 322p, (Reprint of 1906 & 1907 edn.) 1987, 2000 ISBN 8120602005

370. Hutchison, J. & Vogel, J, History of the Panjab Hill States-2 Vols. Including Kulu, Lahul, Spiti, Jammu and other areas of present Himchal Pradesh and southern Jammu & Kashmir HC., 744p, Map (Reprint Lahore 1933 edn.)1994, ISBN 8120609425 (Set)

371. Ibbetson, ; Maclagan; Rose, H.A. A Glossary of the Tribes and Castes of the Punjab and North-west Frontier Province-3vols. Based on the census report for the Punjab, 1883, by the late Sir Denzil Ibbetson and the census report for the Punjab, 1892, by Sir Edward Maclagan and complied by H.A. Rose HC., Vol. 1 : 1070p, Vol. 2 : Glossary of Punjab Tribes and Castes A-K. 580p, Vol. 3 : L-Z. With appendices A - l, 538p (Reprint 1911-14-19 edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120605055 (Set)

372. Ibn Battuta Travels in Asia and Africa From 1325 To 1354 Translated and selected by H.A.R. Gibb; with an introduction and notes HC., 410p, 4 pl. and maps (Reprint of London 1929 edn.) 1992, 1997 ISBN 8120608097

373. Ibn battuta /Defremery Gray albert Ibn Battuta in the Maldives and Ceylon (1333-1334). Translated from the French of Defremery and Sanguinetti First published in 1882 as an extra number of the journal of the Ceylon branch of Royal Asiatic Society. HC., 64p (Reprint Colombo 1883 edn.) 1996, 1999, ISBN 8120612191

374./NR I-Tsing Record of the Buddhist Religion As practised in India and the Malay Archipelago (A.D. 671-695). Translated by J. Takakusu. HC., 240p, 1 map (Reprint Oxford 1896 edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX

375. Imperial, gazetteer of india-provincial series. Andaman and Nicobar Islands HC., 104p (Reprint Calcutta 1909 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120608763

376./TOP Jackson, William, A.V. History of India-9 Vols (set) DUTT, R.C. Vol. i: From the earliest times to the sixth century B.C HC., 360p, 103 Illus (Reprint 1906 edn.) 1987, 2000, ISBN 8120601947
Smith, Vincent, A. Vol. ii: From the sixth century B.C. to the Mohammedan conquest, including the invasion of Alexander the Great HC., 430p, 71 Illus (Reprint 1906 edn.) 1987, 2000, ISBN 8120601963
Lane-Poole Stanley Vol. iii & iv :Medievel India - From the Mohammedan 0198-X conquest, including the reign of Akbar the Great HC , 296p, 69 Illus, 302p, 68 Illus (Reprint 1906 edn.) 1987, 2000, ISBN 8120601971
Elliot, H.M. Vol. v : The Mohammedan period as described by its own historians-selected from the works of Sir Henry M.Elliot HC., 384p, 108 Illus (Reprint 1907 edn.) 1987, 2000, ISBN 8120601998
Hunter, W.W. Vol. vi & vii : From the first european settlements to the foundation of the English East India Company 0201-3 HC., 350p, 84 Illus, 322p (Reprint 1906-07 edn.) 1987, 2000, ISBN 8120602005
Lyall, A.C. Vol. viii : From the close of the seventeenth century to the present time. HC., 530p, 119 Illus (Reprint 1907 edn.) 1987, 2000, ISBN 8120602011
Jackson, William A.V. Vol. ix : Historical accounts of India by foreign travellers, classical, oriental and occidental HC., 358p, 128 Illus (Reprint 1907 edn.) 1987, 1995, ISBN 812060203X
377. Jackson , William a.v Historical Accounts of India By foreign travellers classical, oriental and occidental (History of India Vol. 9 ) HC., 256p, 128 Illus. (Reprint London 1906 edn.) 1987, 1996, ISBN 812060203X

378. Jacobs Joseph Indian Fairy Tales Selected and edited by Joseph Jacobs illustrated by John D. Batten. HC., 256p, 9 plates, Illust. (Reprint London 1912 edn.),ISBN 8120609743

379. Jacquemont Victor Letters from India (1828 - 1831) - 2 Vols A journey in the British dominions of India, Tibet, Lahore and Cashmere HC. Vol.1: 458p, plate. Vol. 2: 386 p. 1 map, (Reprint London 1834 edn.) 1993 ISBN 8120608305 (Set)

380. Jaffur Shurreef, Herklots, G.A. Qanoon-E-Islam, or the Customs of the Mussulmans of India Comprising a full and exact account of their various rites and ceremonies from the moment of birth till the hour of death. Composed under the direction of and translated by G.A. Herklots with several illustrations HC., 470p, 14 Plates (Reprint 1863 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120607120

381. Jagadisa Ayyar, P.V. South Indian Customs HC., 182p (Reprint 1925 edn.) 1982, 1992, 2001, ISBN 8120601548

382./TOP Jagadisa Ayyar, P.V. South Indian Festivities HC., 202p, 50 Illus (Reprint Madras 1920 edn.) 1982, 1989, ISBN 8120601521

383. Jagadisa Ayyar, P.V. South Indian Shrines HC., 648p, 251 Illus (Reprint of 2nd revised edn.) 1982, 1993, ISBN 8120601513

384./NYP James, Hough 0625-6 A Reply to the Letters of the Abbe Dubois on the State of Christianity in India HC., 284p (Reprint London 1824 edn.), ISBN 8120606256

385. JAYNE, K. G. Vasco Da Gama and his Successors: 1460-1580 With illustations and a map HC., 326p, 21 Plates, Map (Reprint London 1910 edn.)1997, ISBN 8120612833

386. Jensen, Herman A Classified Collection of Tamil Proverbs (Bilingual) HC., 524p (Reprint Madras 1897 edn.) 1982, 1993, ISBN 8120600266

387. Jetley, S. Modernizing Indian Peasants HC., 200p (New Delhi) 1977, ISBN 8120602552

388. Jhaveri, K.M. Milestones in Gujarati Literature HC., 448p, (Reprint 2nd Bombay 1938 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120606507

389. Johnston, Harry Pioneers in India (Pioneers of Empire Series) With eight coloured illustrations by E. Wallcousins HC., 320p, 8 coloured B/W illus. B & W plates 3 Maps (Reprint London 1913 edn,) 1993, ISBN 8120608437

390./nr Johnston, Harry Pioneers in Australasia (Pioneers of The Empire; series) 2000 HC., 308p, 8 colour b/w plates, 3maps (Reprint London 1912 edn.) 2000 ISBN 8120615069

391. Johnston, Harry Pioneers in Canada (Pioneers of The Empire; series) The discovery* Jacques Cartier* Elizabethan pioneers* Champlain and the foundation of Canada* After Champlain* The Amerindians and Eskimo* Hudson Bay explorers* Alexander Henry sr.* Samuel Hearne* Alexander Mackenzie* Mackenzie's successors. HC., 332p, 8 Coloure b/w plates. (Reprint London 1912 edn.) 1996 ISBN 8120611527

392./NYP Johnston, Harry Pioneers in West Africa (Pioneers of The Empire; series)

393. Jolly, J. The Minor Law Books Nardha & Brihaspat (S.B.E. Vol.# 33) HC., 420p (Reprint edn.)

394. Jourdain, John-william Foster The Journal of John Jourdain (1608-1617) Describing his experiences in Arabia, India, and the Malay archipelago. HC., 476p, 4 Maps (Reprint Cambridge 1905 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120605292

395. Kanakasabhai, V. The Tamils 1800 Years Ago HC., 278p (Reprint Madras 1904 edn.) 1979, 1989, 1998, ISBN 8120601505

396. Kasinath Trimbak telang The Bhagavad Gita with the Sanatsu Jatiya and the Anguita (SBE VOL.# 8) HC., 454p, (Reprint edn.)

397./NYP KAUTILYA /SHAMASASTRY R. Kautilya's Artha Sastra. Translated by Dr. R. Shama Sastry; with an introduction, and notes by Dr. J.J.Fleet. HC., 524p (Reprint 2nd Mysore 1923 edn.)

398. Kearns, J.F. Kalyan’a Shat'anku Or, the Marriage Ceremonies of the Hindus of South India. Together with a description of Karu-Mantharum, or the funeral ceremonies HC., 92p (Reprint Madras 1868 edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120606361

399. Keay, F.E. A History of Hindi Literature HC., 120p, Map (Reprint Jubbulpore1920 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120603378

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