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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


199. D’ollone, Vicomte In Forbidden China The D'ollone Mission (1906-1909) to China,Tibet & Mongolia. Translated from the French of the second edN. by Bernard Miall HC., 318p, 126 Illus, 1 Map (Reprint London 1912 edn.) 1995 ISBN 8120610458

200. Da Cunha, J. Gerson Contributions to the Study of Indo-Portuguese Numismatics hc., 130p, 9 Plates, Map, Illus, (Reprint 1880 edn.) 1995 isbn 8120605888

201. Da Cunha, J. Gerson The Konkani Language and Literature HC., 56p, (Reprint1881 edn.) 1991 8120605691

202. Da Chuna, j. Gerson Memoir on the History of the Tooth Relic of Ceylon With a preliminary essay on the life and system of Gautama Buddha HC., 72p (Reprint London 1875 edn.) 1996, 812061173X

203. Da Cunha, J. Gerson Notes on the History and Antiquities of Chaul and Bassein HC, 278p, 11 Plates, Map, Illus (Reprint 1876 edn.) 1993, 8120608453

204. Da Cunha, J. Gerson The Origin of Bombay HC., 394p (Reprint 1900 edn.) 1993, 8120608151

205./NR Dahlke, Paul Buddhist Stories Translated by the Bhikkhu Silacara HC., 330p, (Reprint London 1913 edn.) 2000, 8120614666

206. Dalgado, S.R. Glossario Luso Asiatico-2 Vols. HC., vol. 1/606p, Vol 2/604p (Reprint 1919 edn.) 1988, 812060427X

207. Dalgado, S.R. Portuguese Vocables in Asiatic Languages . From the Portuguese original. Translated into English with notes additions and comments b A.X. Soares. HC., 646p (Reprint Lisbon 1913 edn.) 1988, 812060413X

208. Danvers, F.C. The Portuguese in India- 2 Vols Being a history of the rise and decline of their eastern empire Vol.1: From 1481 to1571 Vol.2 : from 1571 to 1894 HC., Vol. 1:626p, 11 Illus, Maps Vol. 2: 600p, 10 Illus & Maps (Reprint 1894 edn.) 1992, 8120603915 (Set)

209. Danvers, F.C Report to the Secretary of State for India in Council On the Portguese records relating to the East-Indies contained in the Archivo Da Torre do Tombo and the public libraries at Libson and Evora. HC., 230p (Reprint London 1892 edn.) 199, 81206070231

210./NR Daniell william / Caunter Hobart The Oriental Annual or Scenes in India-1836 Comprising twenty-two engravings from original drawings byWilliam Daniell and a descriptive account by Rev. Hobart Caunter.*Harbour of Mascat *Adjutant *Rich Mahomedan *Tiger Hunt *Choultry of Tremal Naig at Madura *Hindoo Temple at Tritchengur *Braminee Bull *Hindoo Woman *Baliapatam River *Scene Near the Cost of Malabar *Small Deer of Ceylon *Lion and Buffaloe *Monkey and Crows *Near Mascat *Forts of Jellali and Merani Mascat *Bombay *Tomb of a Patan Chief, Old Delhi *The Island of Elephanta *Entrance to the cave of Elephanta *Entrance to the Large Cave, Salsette *Upper Caves, Salsette. HC., 298p, 22 Engravings (Reprint London 1836 edn.) 2000 ISBN 8120614852

211. Darmesteter & Mills (S.B.E. Vols 4, 23 & 31) The Zend-A Vesta-(In 3 Parts) Part -1: The Vendiad. Part-2 : The Sirozahaspt. Part-3: Yasts and Nyayis. HC., (Reprint edn.), 1995, ISBN 81206XXXXX

212. Dass, F.A.M. The Andaman Islands HC., 142p, 28 Plates (Reprint Mangalore 1937 edn.) 1988 ISBN 8120604083

213. Datta, Karve Maharashtra Shabadakosh-7 Vols. (Marathi-Marathi Dictionary) Vol. 1 (48, 1-476p)Vol. 5 (64, 1899-2396p) Vol. 2 (72, 475- 918p) Vol. 6 (32, 2397-2866p) Vol 3, (36, 919-1410p) Vol 7 (34, 2867-3234p) Vol. 4, (52, 1411-1898p) HC., (Reprint- 1932 - 1938 edns.)1988, ISBN 8120603753, (Set)

214. Davy, John An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and of its Inhabitants With travels in that island from 1816 to 1820. With notes on geography, castes, religion,government, crafts, music and history. HC., 540p, 14 Plates, 1 Map (Reprint London 1821 edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120605578

215. Day, Francis The Land of the Permauls or, Cochin-its Past & its Present HC., 630p (Reprint 1863 edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120603249

216. Desideri, ippolito/filippo de filippi An Account of Tibet. The travels of Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia s.j., 1712-1727; with an introduction by c. wessels, S.j. HC., 478p, xvii Plates, Map (Reprint London 1937 edn.) 1995 ISBN 8120610199

217. DE SILVA, GOONERATNE DANDRIS On Demonology and Witchcraft in Ceylon (200) HC., 126p (Reprint Colombo 1865 Journal of the Ceylon - the Royal Asiatic Society Vol, iv#13 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613090

218. Desikachari, T. The South Indian Coins HC., 225p , 6 plates (Reprint 1933 edn.) 1991 ISBN 8120601556

219. Deussen, P. My Indian Reminisences - Travels in India (1892-93) HC., 284p (Reprint Madras 1893 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120610547

220. Digby, William 1857: A Friend in Need; 1887: Friendship Forgotten An episode in Indian foreign office administration HC., 148p (Reprint London 1890 edn. )1993, ISBN 8120608496

221. Digby, William Condemned Unheard The Government of India and H.H. The Maharaja of Kashmir. A letter to the Ughtred Kay Shuttleworth, the Under-Secretary of State for India, by the author in July 1890 on the deposition of the king of Kashmir. HC., 226p (Reprint London 1890 edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120608798

222. Dirom, major A Narrative of the Campaign in India which Terminated The War with Tippoo Sultan in 1792 HC., 312p (Reprint London 1793 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120601734

223. Divatia, N.B. Gujarati Language and Literature (Wilson Philological Lectures) HC., 508p (Reprint 1921 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120606485

224. Dodwell, H. Clive- And Dupleix The Beginning of Empire HC., 300p, (Reprint 1920 edn.) 1989, ISBN 812060394X

225. Dodwell, H. The Nabobs of Madras Describing the society in the later half of 18th Century HC., 274p, Plates (Reprint 1926 edn.) 1986, ISBN 8120601637

226. d'orsey, a.j.d. Portuguese Discoveries Dependencies and Missions in Asia and Africa HC., 434p, Maps (Reprint London 1893 edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120613643

227./NYP Doughty, Marion A Foot Through the Kashmir Valley HC., 270p (Reprint London 1902 edn.), ISBN 81206XXXXX

228. Doyley, Charles /Williamson, thomas The European in India, From a collection of drawings by Charles Doyley. Enlarged by J.H. Clark & C.Dubourg with a preface & copious description by Thomas Williamson. Accompanied with a brief history of ancient and modern India. From the earliest periods of antiquity to the termination of the late Mahratta war, by F.W.B Blagdon. HC., 160p, with 20 Coloured Plate (Reprint London 1813 edn.) 1995 ISBN 8120608828

229./NYP drew, frederic The Jummoo & Kashmir Territories-A Geographical Account HC., 568p, 34 illus. 6 Col. Maps (Reprint London 1875 edn.) 2001 ISBN 81206XXXXX

230. Du Jarric, Pierre Akbar and the Jesuits. an account of the Jesuits missions to the court of Akbar. Translated with introduction and notes by C.H. Payne. HC., 288p, 8 plates (Reprint London 1926 edn.)1996, ISBN 8120610695

231. Dubois Abbe, J.A. ; /Pope, G.U. A Description of the Character, Manners and Customs of the People of India And of their institutions - religious and civil. Translated from the French manuscript, with notes corrections and additions by Rev. G.U. Pope. HC., 454p, (Reprint 1879 edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120604547

232. Dubois Abbe, J.A.Beauchamp, H.K. Hindu Manners, Customs and Ceremonies. Translated from the author's later French ms. Edited with notes and corrections and biography by Henry K. Beauchamp HC., 782p, (Reprint Oxford 1906 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120602382

233. Dubois Abbe, J.A. Letters on the State of Christianity in India In which the conversion on the Hindoos is considered as impracticable. To which is added a vindication of the Hindoo male and female. Hc., 222p (Reprint London 1823 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120606248

234. Dubreuil, G. J. Ancient History of the Deccan. Translated from French By V.S. Swaminadha Dikshitar HC., 120p (Reprint 1920 edn.) 1991, ISBN 812060699X

235. Dubreuil, G. J. Dravidian Architecrture HC., 50p, 5 Plates (Reprint 1916 edn.) 1987, ISBN 8120602560

236. Dubreuil, G. J. Pallava Antiquities -2 Vols. Translated from French by V.S. Swaminadha Dikshitar HC., 110p, 40 plates (Reprint 1916-18 edns.) 1994, ISBN 8120605713 (Set)

237. Dubreuil, G. J. The Pallavas. Translated from French by V.S. Swaminadha Dikshitar HC., 104p, 4 plates (Reprint 1917 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120605748

238. Dutt, R.C. The Civilization of India HC., 154p (Reprint London 1901 edn.) 1995, ISBN 812061108X

239./TOP Dutt, R.C. A History of India From the Earliest Times to the 6th Century B.C. (History of India Vol-l) HC., 360p, 103 Illus, (Reprint 1906 edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120601955

240. EASTON, JOHN An Unfrequented Highway-Through Sikkim & Tibet to Chumolaori Travels in Sikkim and Bhutan around the year 1920 HC., 134p, 16 Plates (Reprint London 1928 edn.) 1997, ISBN 812061268X

241. Edalji, Dosa Bhai A History of Gujarat from the earliest period to the present time HC., 378p, Map (Reprint 1894 edn.) 1986, ISBN 8120602056

242./NR eden & pemberton & baboo Political Missions to Bootan Comprising the reports of Ashley Eden, Pemberton & Baboo HC., 365p (Reprint Calcutta 1865 edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX

243./NR edgerton of tatton A Description of Indian and Oriental Armour, Illustrated from the collection formerly in the India Office, now exhibited at South Kensington, with an introductory sketch of the military history of India HC., 410p, viii, 178p, 21 Plates, 1 Map with Numerous Illustrations (Reprint London 1906 edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120612051

244. Eitel, Ernest, J. Buddhism: Its Historical Theoretical and Popular Aspects in Three Lectures HC., 128p (Reprint London 1873 edn.) 1993, ISBN 8120607325

245. Eitel, Ernest, J. A Hand Book of Chinese Buddhism Being Sanskrit Chinese dictionary with vocabularies of Buddhist terms in Pali, Singhalese, Siamese, Burmese, Tibetan, Mongolian and Japanese. HC., 232p, (Reprint London 1888 2nd edn.)1992, ISBN 8120608011

246. Elliot Brook K.c. The Real Ceylon (With many Illustrations) HC., 148p, 15Plates, 1Map (Reprint Colombo 1938 edn.) 1995, ISBN 8120611357

247./NYP Elliot, C. A. The Chronicles of Unao HC., (Reprint edn.) ISBN 81206XXXXX

248./TOP Elliot, H.M. The Mohammedan Period as Described by its Own Historians Selected from the works of Sir Henry M. Elliot (History of India Vol -5) HC., 384p, 108 Illus (Reprint 1907edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120601998

249./NYP Elliot, M. Henry Memoirs on the History, Folklore and Distributions of the Races of the N.W. Provinces of India HC., (Reprint 1869 edn.), ISBN 8120610806

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