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Laurier Books - Asian Educational Services - Reference Books


85. Bilgrami, S.A.A. Landmarks of the Deccan A comprehensive guide to the archeological remains of the city and suburbs of Hyderabad HC., 238p, 58 Illus, (Reprint 1927 edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120605438

86. Bingley, Capt, A.H. Handbook on Rajputs HC., 204p, 2 Maps(Reprint 1899 edn.) 1986, ISBN 8120602048

87./nr Birch, walter de Gray The Commentaries of the Great Alfonso De Albuquerque, (1500-1580) -4 Vols The second viceroy of India. Translated from the Portuguse edition of 1774 with notes and an introduction by Walter De Gray Birch HC., 1432p, 12 Plates & Plans,4 Maps (Reprint London 1874-84 edn.) 2000, ISBN 9120609212 (set)

88. Birdwood, G.T. Practical Bazaar Medicines with Over 200 Useful Prescriptions HC., 220p, (Reprint 1936 edn.)1999, ISBN 8120602544

81. Bishop, Isabella Among the Tibetans. With many illustrations. HC., 162p, 21 Illus. (Reprint London 1904 edn.) 1996, ISBN 8120611470

90. Blaze, L.E. The Story of Lanka. Outlines of the history of Ceylon from the earliest times to the coming of the Portuguese HC., 140p, (Reprint Kandy 1921 2nd edn.)1995, ISBN 8120610741

91. Bloomfield, M. (S.B.E. VOL.42) Hymns of the Atharva-veda Together with extract from the ritual books and the commentaries. HC., 792p, (Reprint edn.), ISBN 81206XXXXX

92./nyp Boden Powell, B.H. Hand Book of the Manufacturers and Arts of Punjab With a combined glossary and index of vernacular, trade technical terms and etc. (Forms Part II to the Handbook of the Economic Product of Punjab). HC., pp-Plates, illus (Reprint 1872 edn.), ISBN 8120609514

93. Bontekoe, W.Y.; Pieter Geyl Memorable Description of the East Indian Voyage (1618-1625) Translated from the Dutch by C.B. Bodde Hodgkinson with an introduction and notes by Pieter Geyl HC., 164p, 10 Plates (Reprint London 1929 edn.)1992, ISBN 8120607910

94. Bonvalot, Gabriel Across Thibet. (1889-1890) 2 Vols. Being a translation of "De Paris au Tonkin a travers le Tibet inconnu"(1889-1890). With illustrations from photographs taken by Prince Henry of Orleans and map of route. Translated by C.B. Pitman HC., Vol-l, vii, 218p 49 lllus., Map, Vol. II-Vlll. 230p with 59 Illus. (Reprint London 1891 edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120610490 (set)

95. Bose, R.C. Hindu Philosophy-Popularly Explained- The Orthodox Systems HC., 420p, (Reprint Lahore 1884 edn.)1986, ISBN 8120602366

96. Bose, P.N. Epochs of Civilisation HC., 352p (Reprint Ranchi 1913 edn.)1991, ISBN 8120602269

97. Boulting, William Four Pilgrims *Hiuen T-siang and his perilous Journery to the sacred land of Buddha A.D. 627 to 643* Ibn Batuta, the greatest of Moslem travellers A.D.1304 to 1377* Seawulf an English pilgrim to Palestine A.D. 1102* Varthema of Bologna, renegade pilgrim to Mecca, foremost of Italian travellers (Around the year 1500 A.D) HC., , 266p (Reprint London edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120608054

98. Bowden, e.m. The Imitation of Buddha Quotations from Buddhist literature for each day in the year HC., 150p, (Reprint London 1891 edn.)1996, ISBN 8120612477

99. Bower, Hamilton Diary of a Journey Across Tibet From Leh, Ladakh, to Peking, China; in 1891 and 1892. HC., 326p, 29Illus, 1 Map, Chart (Reprint London 1894 edn.)1994, ISBN 8120609018

100. Bowrey, Thomas A Geographical Account Of Countries Round The Bay Of Bengal; (1669 To 1679 ). Choromondal, Golcondah, Coasts Of Gingalee, Orixa, Bengala, Pattana, Janselone, Gueda, Achin. Edited By Temple, R.C. Hc., 388p 19 Illus, 1 Chart (Reprint Cambridge 1905 Edn.) 1993 ISBN 8120608488

101. Bowring, L.B. Haider Ali And Tipu Sultan And The Struggle With The Musalman Powers Of The South Editor W.W. Hunter. (Rulers Of India Series) Hc., 233p (Reprint Oxford 1893 Edn.) 1998, Isbn 812061299x

102. Bradley Birt, F.B. Chota Nagpur-A Little Known Province Of The Empire. Hc., 310p, 42 Illus, 1 Map (Reprint London 1903 Edn. )1998 ISBN 8120612876

103. Bradley Birt, F.B. The Romance Of An Eastern Capital (History Of Dacca) Hc., 360p, 28 Plates, 1 Maps-East Bengal & Assam (Reprint Simla 1906 Edn.) 1984, ISBN 8120602234

104./Nr Brackenbury, C. F. Cuddapah District Gazetteers Hc., Vol.1: Xiv, 265p, 1map, (Reprint Madras 1915 Edn.) 2000 ISBN 8120614828

105. Britto, C./ Mayilvakanam The Yalpana - Vaipava - Malai Or The History Of The Kingdom Of Jaffna Translated From The Tamil With An Appendix And A Glossary Hc., 176p (Reprint Colombo 1879 Edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120613627

106. Broughton, T.D. Letters Written In A Mahratta Camp. During The Year 1809, Descriptive Of The Character, Manners, Domestic Habits And Religious Ceremonies Of The Mahrattas. Introduction By M.E. Grant Duff Hc., 272p, 10 Pl., 1 Map. (Reprint Westminster 1892 Edn.)1995 ISBN 8120610083

107. Brown, C.J. Coins Of India Includes The Earliest Coinage Of India* Coins Of Indo-Greeks* Pallavas* Sakas* Kushans* Guptas* Southern India* Dynasties Of Delhi* Suris* Mughals And Others. Hc., 120p, 12 Plates (Reprint Ranikhet 1922 Edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120603451

108. Brown, C.P. Cyclic Tables Of Hindu And Mahomedan Chronology Regarding The History Of The Telugu And Kannadi Countries Hc., 72p, (Reprint Madras 1850 Edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120609298

109./Nypbrown,C.P. Memoirs Of Hyder And Tippoo, Rulers Of Seringapatnam. Written In The Maharashtra Languages And Translated Into English And Illustrated With Annotations Hc., 80p (Reprint 1849 Edn.)

110. Brown,C.P. The Wars Of The Rajas . The Annals Of Handeh Ananthapuram. Being The History Of Anantapuram Written In Telugu Or About The Years 1750-1810. Translation Of The Telugu Histories And Tales. Hc., 94p (Reprint 1853 Edn.) 1988, ISBN 8120603656

111. Brown,C.P. Eassay On The Language And Literature Of The Telugus (200) Hc., 54p, (Reprint Madras 1840 Edn.) 1991, ISBN 8120606078

112. Brown,C.P. Verses Of Vemana In The Telugu Original With The English Version Hc., 290p, (Reprint 1829 End.)2001, ISBN 8120600428 ISBN 81206XXXXX

113./Nr Brown, J. Macmillan The Dutch East: Sketches And Pictures Hc., 220p, 74 Plates (Reprint 1914 Edn.) 2001, ISBN 8120612884

114./Nyp Bruce, Henry Letters From Malabar And On The Way Introduction By J.D. Rees Hc., 141p, Illus, (Reprint London 1909 Edn.) 2001,Isbn 8120611152

115./Nr Bruce, Clearence Dalrymple (Major) In The Footsteps Of Marco-Polo - A Journey Overland From Simla To Pekin. Hc., 380p, 40 Illus. Colour Map (Reprint London 1907) 2000, ISBN 8120613589

116. Buch, C. H Faiths Fairs And Festivities Of India Hc., 270p (Reprint, 1917, Edn.) 1999, ISBN 812061304x

117. Buchanan, Francis A Journey From Madras Through The Countries Of Mysore, Canara And Malabar. (23rd April 1800 To 6th July 1801)-3 Vols For The Express Purpose Of Investigating The State Of Agriculture, Arts And Commerce; The Religion, Manners And Customs; The History, Natural And Civil, And Antiquites. Vol 1: 440p, 14 Photos And 1 Map, Vol 2: 566p, 9 Photos Vol 3: 512p, 5 Charts And 16 Photos Hc., (Reprint London 1807 Edn.) 1999 (Set)

118. Buchanan, Francis (Hamilton) An Account Of The Kingdom Of Nepal And Of The Territories Annexed To This Dominion By The House Of Gorkha Untill The Year 1814. Hc., 374p, 6 Engravings, 1 Map, 15 Charts (Reprint 1819 Edn.) 1995 ISBN 8120601432

119. Buchanan, Francis Journal Of Francis Buchanan Kept During The Survey Of The District Of Patna & Gaya In 1811-1812 22 Cm, 282p, 5 Maps & 2 Plates (Reprint Patna 1925 Edn.) 1989, ISBN 8120604598

120./Nr Bucknill, John Coins Of The Dutch East India An Introduction To The Study Of The Sereis Excluding Those Specially Strucks For India And Ceylon. 22 Cm, Xii, 292p, 225 Fig.(Reprint London 1931 Edn.) 2000, ISBN 8120614488

121. Buhler, George (S.B.E. Vol. # 25) The Laws Of Manu With Extract From Seven Commentaries Hc., 716p (Reprint), ISBN 81206XXXXX

122. Buhler, George (S.B.E. Vol. 2&14) The Sacred Laws Of The Aryas - 2 Vols As Taught In The Schools Of Apastamba, Gautama, Vasishtha And Baudhayana Hc., Vol-1-372p, Vol-2-408p (Reprint Edn.), ISBN 81206XXXXX

123./Nr Burgess, Fred W. Chats On Old Coins Hc., 394p, 50 Plates,Many Illustrations(Reprint London 1913 Edn.) 2000, ISBN 812061447X

124. Burnell, A.C. Elements Of South Indian Palaeography From The Fourth To The Seventeenth Century A.D., Being An Introduction To The Study Of South Indian Inscriptions And Mss. Hc., 106p, 30 Plates, Map (Reprint 1874 Edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120606566

125. Burnes, Alexander Travels Into Bokhara - 3 Vols. Being The Account Of A Journey From India To Cabool, Tartary & Persia. Also Narrative Of A Voyage On The Indus, From The Sea To Lahore. Performed Under The Orders Of The Supreme Government Of India; In The Years 1831-1833 Hc., Vol. 1/380p. Vol. 2/490 P, Vol. 3/350p (Reprint London 1834 Edn.) 1992, ISBN 8120607929 (Set)

126. Burrows, S.M Buried Cities Of Ceylon A Guide Book To Anuradhapura And Polonaruwa Hc., 6 Plates (Reprint Colombo 4th Q1905 Edn. ) 1999, ISBN 8120613953

127. Burton, Isabel The Life Of Capt. Sir Richard F. Burton (1821-1890) - 2 Vols Hc., Vol 1/ Xii, 664p, 11 Plates Vol 2/ Xxvii, 606p, 8 Plates 1995, (Reprint London 1893 Memorial Edn.)1999, ISBN 8120607287 (Set)

128./Nyp Burton Richard, F. First Foot Steps In East Africa Or, An Exploration Of Harrar Edited By His Wife Isabela Burton Vol-1– Xxxvi, 210 P, 2 Col. Pl, 1 Map, 2 Illu. Vol-2– X, 276p, 2 Col.Pl, 1 Map, 2 Illu. Hc., , (Reprint London 1894 Memorial Edn.) 2000, ISBN 81206XXXXX (Set)

129. Burton Richard, F. Goa And The Blue Mountains Or Six Months Of Sick Leave Hc., 368p, 4 Pl., 1 Map (Reprint London 1851 Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120606795

130. Burton Richard, F. Sindh And The Races That Inhabit The Valley Of The Indus With Notices Of The Topography And History Of Province. Hc., 422p, Map (Reprint, London 1851 Edn.) 1997, ISBN 8120607589

131. Burton Richard, F. Sind Revisited —2 Vols Hc., (Reprint London 1851 Edn.) 2001, ISBN 81206XXXXX (Set)

132. Burton Richard, F. Scinde Or, The Unhappy Valley—2 Vols Hc., P. (Reprint London 1851 Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120612922 (Set)

133. Burton Richard, F. Personal Narrative Of A Pilgrimage To Al Madinah And Meccah (Undertaken In 1853). - 2 Vols Vol. 1 : Xxvi, 436p 18 Plates - Vol. 2 : Xvi, 478p 9 Plates 22 Cm, (Reprint London 1893 Memorial Edn.) 1994, ISBN 8120609034 (Set)

134./Nypburton Richard, F. Vikram And The Vampire Or, Tales Of Hindu Deities Hc., 320p, 33 Illus (Reprint London 1870 Edn.), ISBN 812061240x

135. Bussche De L. Letters On Ceylon, Particularly Relative To The Kingdom Of Kandy Illustrated With A Survey Of Kandy Nc., 165p, 1 Map, (Reprint London1817 Edn.) 1999, ISBN 8120614232

136. Busteed, H.E. Echoes From Old Calcutta Being Chiefly Reminiscence Of The Days Of Warren Hastings Francis And Impey Nc., 359p, 8 Pl. (Reprint 1888 Edn.)1999, ISBN 8120612957

137. Butterworth & Venugopal, Chetty Nellore Inscription.- 3 Vols A Collection Of The Inscriptions On Copper-Plates&Stones- In The Nellore District. Vol.1 : Preface *Copper Plate Inscriptions Stone Inscriptions Of Atmakur Taluk *Stone Inscription Of Darsi Division *Stone Inscriptions Of Gudur Taluk *Stone Inscriptions Of Kandukur Taluk. Vol.2 : Stone Inscriptions Of Kandukur Taluk *Stone Inscriptions Of Kanigiri Taluk *Stone Inscriptions Of Kavali Taluk *Stone Inscriptions Of Nellore Taluk * Stone Inscriptions Of Ongole Taluk. Vol.3 : Stone Inscriptions Of Ongole Taluk Stone Inscriptions Of Podili Division *Stone Inscriptions Of Rapur Taluk *Stone Inscriptions Of Sulurpet (Or Polur) Division *Stone Inscriptions Of Udayagiri Taluk *Stone Inscriptions Of Venkatagiri Division *Appendix-V *Glossary. Index And Notes Hc.,, 1556p, Plates (Reprint London 1905 Edn.) 1990, ISBN 812060279x (Set)

138. Butterworth, A. The South Lands Of Siva. Some Reminiscences Of Life In Southern India. South Canara* Cuddapah * Nellore* Headquarters* The Palghat & Cardamon Hills* Bellarygodavari* Coimbatore* The Central Provinces* The Nilgirils* Nellore Again* Tiruchinoppalli* Pudukkottai* Burma * Madura* Hc.,, 270p (Reprint London 1923 Edn.) 1990, ISBN 8120603370

139. Byron, Robert 1286-8 New Delhi-The First Impression (1300) Reprint Of The Architectural Review, London (Vol. Lxix, No.410, January 1931). This Issue Of The Review Is Devoted To The Study Of Delhi Which Was Officially Opened In Feb. 1931. Contains Detailed Architectural Drawings Of The Secretariat Area. Hc., 30p, 12 Colour. 1 B/W Plate , Sketches (Reprint London, 1931 Edn.) 1998, ISBN 8120612868

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